The emphasis is on lift-served access rather than pure touring, however I will make reference to famous descents which require approaches on skins or foot. These mini-guides are by no means comprehensive. They are drawn from my personal experiences of skiing in the areas mentioned. Many skiers - myself included - have no hesitation in naming Zermatt amongst the top 5 Ski Resorts in the world.

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My "home" area in the US is Taos and I can tell you that you will find plenty of challenging skiing remaining on piste given your limited time. Add in a day going over to Italy and the time is even less. Remember, too, that Zermatt has some of the best eating on a mountain anywhere in the world Take advantage of it if you can. Living in Denver you are a big step ahead on that than many people.

Then have them mark on the map the variety of runs you could ski the rest of your trip. You might want to see about joining a group with an instructor going over to Italy for a day Be sure you are able to dress in layers Have a balaclava with you as a very cold wind can kick up and you will want your face covered along with every other inch of skin.

Do wear a helmet There are areas around Zermatt where a fall could easily be onto a huge rock just under the snow or down a steep hill covered in rock Go to the pharmacy on the main street in the village and for a few francs buy the mountain transport insurance. It pays for the helicopter needed to fly you to the larger city hospitals should you have a bad break, etc. The insurance is very inexpensive but could save your bank account!

Watch the Red Bull series online called The Horn Have a great trip! Eat some great food! Spend some time in the older sections of the village Visit the graveyard just behind the church


Zermatt: Off-Piste Ski Guide Recommendations - Zermatt Forum



Piste map - Winter panorama


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