К разделу для профессионалов Умывальники Geberit VariForm с обтекаемыми краями идеально вписываются в ультрасовременный дизайн ванных комнат. Встраиваемые и накладные умывальники предлагаются с крышкой для стока или без нее. Все модели Geberit VariForm имеют глубокую чашу, что обеспечивает свободу движения и эргономичный дизайн. Высококачественная сантехническая керамика умывальников устойчива к царапинам и трещинам, к тому же за ней легко ухаживать. Смеситель может быть установлен горизонтально на керамической части умывальника или на столешнице, или, как вариант, - на стене.

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Modular washbasin area solutions for absolute design freedom. A variety of design options Circular and rectangular, oval-shaped and elliptical: the design concept for the VariForm washbasins is based on the four most important basic geometric shapes.

Cleverly designed Because the drawers do not have a trap cutout, users can make the best possible use of the interior space. More storage space Additional cabinet elements for even more storage space. Cabinet element can be mounted on the left or right. Optimal lighting The Geberit Option Plus mirror with direct and indirect lighting is the perfect match for the VariForm washbasin area.

Dimmable and with antimist function. Geberit VariForm washbasins The latest design trends - made versatile and ergonomic. The streamlined rims of Geberit VariForm washbasinsare the perfect match for cutting-edge bathroomdesigns. Countertop and lay-on washbasins are available both with and without a tap hole bench. The tap can be installed as a deck-mounted tap on the ceramic or the base panel — or alternatively, as a wall-mounted tap on the prewall installation.

All Geberit VariForm models feature a generous basin depth to ensure freedom of movement in ergonomic conditions. Made from high-quality sanitary ceramic, the washbasins are scratchproof and resistant to cracks, as well as easy to care for. Geberit VariForm washbasin cabinets for lay-on washbasins For washbasin areas with style and storage space. The calm, understated design of the Geberit VariForm washbasin cabinets gives the washbasin area a sense of lightness and perfectly complements the lean, modern design of the washbasins.

The modular system permits flexible planning adjusted to the space. The narrow washbasin cabinet is obtainable in widths of 75 and 90 cm, each with one drawer. The elements are additionally available as a set with a low cabinet of the same construction height or in an L-shape with a larger low cabinet. If even more storage space or two washbasins are required in the bathroom, different combinations can be connected with each other according to preference.

The furniture comes in a wide range of colours — white high-gloss coated, lava matt and hickory — and therefore blends in harmoniously with a wide range of furnishing styles. A variety of forms Round, rectangle, oval and ellipse The Geberit VariForm design concept is based on the four basic geometric shapes — round, rectangle, oval and ellipse, using them to create new and different variations every time. Geberit VariForm — your benefits Lay-on washbasins with soft-geometric design, combined with deck-mounted tap.

Classic solution for elegant washbasins. Washbasins in a sleek and modern design. Matching bathroom furniture in a minimalist design. VariForm under-countertop washbasins are characterised by their generous basin depth. The jury was impressed by the range, which is available in four different geometries and praised the concept, stating that the VariForm product portfolio offers complete design freedom.

As a result, Geberit has now secured a total of over 50 design awards over the course of the last nine years.


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