Email Updated on : 25th February, Are you one of those people who hates filling forms? I must confess that lengthy forms that ask for a whole lot of information drive me nuts too sometimes. Fortunately, one of the simplest and easiest forms to fill is the Customs Declaration Form that needs to be filled by anyone traveling internationally. This is true for parents traveling to America to visit their children too. Just like any other form, the US Customs and Border Protection Declaration Form B might make you nervous, more so because inaccurate information could get you into trouble, and in some cases, land you in jail too.

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Please print this form in English using blue or black ink, pressing firmly so all information transfers to all copies. Complete the declaration fully and legibly; otherwise, delay and inconvenience may result for the addressee. A false or misleading declaration may lead to a fine or seizure of the item and additional penalties. You may add a translation of the contents in a language accepted in the destination country.

Your goods may be subject to restrictions. It is your responsibility to comply with import and export regulations and restrictions e. Check the country listings at pe. Incomplete names e. Block 1: Enter a detailed description of each article — e. If there is insufficient space on the form to list all articles, use additional forms as needed. Blocks 2—4: Enter the quantity, net weight in pounds and ounces , and value in U.

Block 5: Check the box specifying the category of the item. Block 7: Enter the total weight of the package in pounds and ounces, including packaging, which corresponds to the weight used to calculate the postage. Block 8: Enter the total value in U. Block 9: Check the box specifying instructions in case of nondelivery. See reverse of this page for additional instructions on how to complete this form. This standard may also apply when mailing items to, from, and between U.

In general, mailpieces containing any type of goods per Schedule B Export Codes at www. Mailpieces that are exempt from filing must have an AES Exemption.

For additional information, refer to U. In order to comply with U. Further information can be found in IMM Parts and Block Check the box if the contents are subject to quarantine restrictions plant, animal, food products, etc. Block Sign and date the form. Your signature certifies that all entries are correct and the item s being mailed contain no undeclared dangerous, prohibited, or restricted contents per postal, customs, or destination country regulations.

Your signature also certifies compliance with all applicable federal export licensing and filing regulations and confirms your liability for the item s being mailed. Enclose any commercial documents in the envelope. Do not fold the form set or wrap it around the package. The entire barcode and all information must be visible. Remove the backing sheet and affix the envelope to the package on the address side.

PS Form.


Sample US Customs Form - Form 6059B

Customs Declaration Form at Port of Entry? You will be given Custom Declaration from B in the flight or sea vessel or bus by the transport provider, if not, you can pick one at port of entry. Some of the processes like I Arrival Departure Card is pretty much automated to be electronic, but customs declaration form is not fully electronic yet for all the visa types entering US. You will be required to fill out the form with all the correct details as described below and CBP officer will stamp the same and give it to you.


New Customs Declaration Form CBP 6059B



Customs Forms



The End of the Annoying US Customs Form? It’s Going Away Slowly for Some…


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