I was terribly upset bcoz of this book. Bala Neelakandan rated it did not like it May 09, Enter email to get notified. Anu rated it really liked it Aug 06, Jun 08, P. It shows insight into the life. Be the first to ask a question about Arthamulla indhu madham part 1.

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If only Kannadasan had been born in Europe or the USA, instead of Sirukuudalpatti village in the Ramanathapuram district of Tamil Nadu, he probably would have become a Nobel laureate in literature and received international recognition. But on the other hand, Tamils would have lost a goliard, who composed lyrics in Tamil for every sentimental moment they experience in life But when he made his exit from this world, at the age of 54, on October 16, , millions of Tamils remembered him only by the name Kannadasan.

For Tamils all over the world, he epitomised Tamil poetry. A number count of his publications shows a tally of volumes, which include 21 novels and 10 slim volumes of essays on Hinduism, captioned Arthamulla Indu Matham Meaningful Hinduism. In addition, he produced about poems and approximately movie lyrics, between and , all with an eighth grade education at the formal level. What made Kannadasan click?

There is no doubt that he had a penetrating eye and keen observational powers. He also did not live a cocoon-type of life. He dipped into everything that Tamil Nadu could offer - wine, women, drugs, gambling, politics, polemics, atheism and religious sanctuary. After enjoying everything, what he did was remarkable - he composed verses about all his experiences, with self depreciating humour and biting sarcasm. These verses touched the sympathetic chords of Tamils from all walks of life - school boys, undergrads, housewives, farmers, manual labourers, plantation workers, middle class representatives and even upper class elites.

He was at his best when he wrote lyrics on the philosophy of cycles of life. Let me reminisce on some of his most popular compositions in this column. I have made an elementary effort here, while not attempting a literal translation. English Let the passions and bonds pass-by Who has lived in this land forever? Path of arrival is known - but Path of departure and the route unknown.

Life is just a business -in which the birth is credit and death is debit.



Kindle Edition Verified Purchase. Upanishads in 2 Vols: He has written his observations from various priests and epics like Bagawath gita. Arthamulla indhu madham part 1 Selvam rated it it was amazing Jan 28, Nov 12, Gomathipriya added it. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Authentic presentation of the Hindu faith and traditions. Dec 14, Hariprasad rated it liked it. Feb 08, Bala rated it it was amazing.



He was the 8th child to his parents and had 10 siblings. He was adopted by Chigappi Aachi for a sum of INR at an early age, who brought him up and was responsible for his early stages of school education. He completed his schooling till the 8th standard in Sirukudalpatti and Amaravathipudhur. He worked for a private company in Tiruvottiyur before taking up an editorial post in a Tamil Magazine where for the first time he took up the pseudonym Kannadasan. His friendship with MSV was legendary and the combination of these two geniuses created some of the most important songs of Tamil Cinema.

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