Description In , social scientists Luther Gulick and L. Urwick Papers on the Science of Administration describe seven "major activities and duties of any chief executive". Working out in broad outline the things that need to be done and the methods for doing them to accomplish the purpose which is set for the enterprise. The establishment of the formal structure of authority through which work subdivisions are arranged, defined and coordinated for the defined objective of the organization. Compare: Organization Chart.

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Planning: This essentially refers to establishing a broad sketch of the work to be completed and the procedures incorporated to implement them. Organizing: Organizing involves formally classifying, defining and synchronizing the various sub-processes or subdivisions of the work to be done. Staffing: This involves recruiting and selecting the right candidates for the job and facilitating their orientation and training while maintaining a favorable work environment.

Coordinating: This basically refers to orchestrating and interlinking the various components of the work. Reporting: Reporting involves regularly updating the superior about the progress or the work related activities. The information dissemination can be through records or inspection. POSDCORB is one such method in management where workforce and employees can be managed in a way which would be beneficial for a company. This concept helps organizations to break down the work into multiple processes and help in getting maximum value out to each employee.

Organizing and staffing stages would be the HR department making a list of people i. To ensure a better two way communication, coordinating plays a pivotal role.

Once all this done, the different ways of reporting are done which ensures accountability and responsibility of the team. Finally, the budget to be allocated is studied. The Management Dictionary covers over business concepts from 6 categories.


POSDCORB Steps and Importance with Example

Under Organizing, Gulick emphasized the division and specialization of labor in a manner that would increase efficiency. Yet Gulick observed that there were limitations. Based on his practical experience, he carefully articulated the many factors. Gulick described how the organization of workers could be done in four ways. According to him, these are related and may be multi-level. Specifically, they are: By the purpose the workers are serving, such as furnishing water, providing education, or controlling crime.


Seminar Topics

It can elucidate in detail. Such as: Planning: Planning refers to the establishment of a broad draft of the work. It is to accomplish and the process incorporated to implement them. Organizing: Organizing involves formally defining, synchronizing and classifying the various subdivisions or sub-processes of the work to do. Staffing: Staffing involves selecting and recruiting the correct applicants for the job. And facilitates their training and orientation while sustaining a promising work environment.


POSDCORB Definition, Importance, Example, Steps & Overview

The structure also helps to analyze the management activities. Now, let us have a look at each and every management responsibilities. Marketing Plan Marketing Plan helps us understand Who are the customers and their key characteristics, needs and wants, their expectation of our product, their special requirements and perceptions, their perspective about our organization, products or services and finally the buying intentions of the customer. Strategic Plan A strategic plan is an internal document for internal guidance within an organization.




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