Through them it was possible to discover the spiritual cause and meaning to earthly events. These great oracles prescribed the words of power and other occult forces that can be manipulated by the initiate in order to control the events of his life. Before one can engage in practices leading to spiritual growth, and the utilization of the spiritual faculties to ensure sucess in life, there must be a thorough understanding of the nature of the spirit. In the same way that physicians must study anatomy as a prerequisite to understanding the healing arts, given the complexity of the physical body, so must initiates first understand the spirit, given its complexity, before they can set about methodically to use the powers of the spirit to influence the outcome of life events.

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To accomplish this goal, he has written and published several books on the subject of ancient Egyptian philosophy and spiritual culture, most notably Metu Neter Vols. Instructions are provided for "moral laws" pg. Adherence to these laws will produce in the practitioner an understanding of the Soul, Will and Consciousness the three principles that constitute an exact knowledge of the Self. Returning to a proper way of living is a prerequisite bridge to be crossed through methods which include maintaining a proper diet.

Included is a specific regiment for Hatha Yoga techniques including postures Asanas and breathing exercises Pranayama including, specifically, a technique called Dhumo Breathing used for the purpose of cleansing the energy channels of the subtle body see Nadis. The book warns practitioners not to use the I Ching improperly, and only ask questions which the student has made every effort to answer before submitting them to the I Ching abuse of the I Ching will lead to answers which cannot be comprehended, appear nonsensical, or offer no value.

In November , Amen, along with fifty-four AAS members, attended the 50th anniversary of the restoration of the Ashanti Confederacy , at the invitation of the Asantehene in Kumasi , Ghana , West Africa where he was enstooled as an Omanhene of the Ashanti on November 15, During this visit Amen was also presented the Epoh Stool officially establishing an alliance between the Kingship of the Ashanti and the Kingship of the Ausar Auset Society.

Horton 26 September Retrieved January 18, Khamit Publications.


Metu Neter Volume 1,2,3 & 5 (Book Set)

The world is on a collision course with disaster. Not only from, or because of the threat of nuclear war, but from the massive collapse of its institutions political, social, economical, religious, spiritual, educational, etc. It is the combined failure of these institutions, and traditions that is at the root of the widespread decay and stagnation that we are witnessing in just about every nation in the world. But that would take us into such an abstruse discussion that it makes better sense to start, instead, at a very familiar midpoint. As your eyes race across these lines I want you to make the effort of becoming aware of the fact that you are involved in two sets of functions. These two sets of functions are more apparent in more complex activities.


Metu Neter Vol 1


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