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Tukinos EUR-Lex Access to European Union law Proper forestry management methods whose objective is to conserve and utilize forests are linked to the existence of an adequate network of forest roads. In the practice of forest access road construction, hauling distances of up to km are not uncommon. A diagram of a cross-section is shown in the following figure. It is often possible to construct roads with natural materials brought from only a short distance.

Because of their tendency to generate a strong microclimate in the vicinity of the forest floor, dark materials intensify the barrier effect for small animals.

Employment of recycled building materials and industrial by-products is only viable for environmentally compatible forestry road construction if at least the same material compatibility standards are applied as for public highway construction under current laws and subsequent regulations. This automatically rules out the employment of residual materials that have not been processed under stringent conditions of quality control. Investitionsbank Sachsen-Anhalt Gruppe Sonderprogramm.

Special programme for building the information society in Saxony-Anhalt. If suitable construction material cannot landeeforstgesetz extracted from the immediate vicinity, specific criteria should be observed when obtaining materials from external sources.

In conformity with Article 6 of the Regulation Ngw measure excludes awards of aid or requires prior notification to the Commission of awards of aid, a. Name and address of the granting authority. Road improvements and maintenance are due on a far larger scale in order to bring the system in line with increased operating and public demands. After a succession of negative experiences, the practice of excavation can only be recommended when the open cut produces materials of a quality similar to that expected from a quarry grading curve, material hardness and when quality control is possible.

Machines should be checked daily for leakage of mineral landesforstgewetz. Aid for export-related activities. Materials whose presence landesfostgesetz impact the surrounding area dust generation, lateral conveyance of nutrients in wateras experienced with surfaces comprising cinders and limestone or basalt, should be avoided at all costs in the acidic soils of important biotopes and in florally sensitive zones. The roadway width should be approximately 3.

In both areas, projects and proposals which were evidently not optimally planned and constructed have led to public debates in the recent past, one of the main objections being the apparently inappropriate use of waste material building rubble for surfacing roads, resulting in disproportionate environmental impact.

A disproportionately long hauling distance for mineral construction material should swing the decision, for example, in favour of a local, environmentally compatible and quality-controlled, recycled construction material, or alternatively, limited local excavation of materials in the form of a small-scale quarry for road construction purposes.

Almost 18 million inhabitants live within 34 m 2. Landesforstgeserz in the longitudinal section of the road should be kept at a minimum, but should be in excess of 2 percent. Felling, skidding, trading and forwarding companies. The Commission will be informed of any such changes. Curves should have a minimum radius of 20 m. Regione Piemonte — Direzione Industria. In this case technical expertise and practical experience are essential for continuous quality inspection.

It was landesfosrtgesetz decided to carry out research on the issue of environmentally sound forest road construction in Nordrhein-Westfalen.

Aid which is conditional on the use of indigenous products rather than imported goods. They also coincide with an increased potential of conflict when determining the appropriate balance between public and commercial use demands.

Situated in the west of Germany, it borders with Belgium and the Netherlands. A disproportionately high cost for hauling mineral construction materials to the site can landsforstgesetz a substantial argument in favour of using locally available, approved and suitable residual materials. Furthermore, it is recommended that for every truckload delivered a confirmation of material characteristics lndesforstgesetz origin be required in the form of an individual delivery note signed by the driver.

In accordance with Article 4 2 — 6 and Article 5 b of Reg. Suggestions and recommendations 2. Foresters in Nordrhein-Westfalen are trying to balance these different demands. Magistrat der Stadt Wien Magistratsabteilung 5. This document is an excerpt from the EUR-Lex website.

Turning areas require a large amount of space; culs-de-sac are thus to be avoided as far as possible. Wood manufacturing and processing firms. Greater appreciation and experience of qualitative and quantitative repercussions have resulted in a growth in environmental-political relevance, and thus public concern of the complex of questions relating to the ecological evaluation of forestry access roads.

Forest ownership is as follows: For the purposes of forest road construction in the State of Nordrhein-Westfalen, only the analogous application of the ordinance outlined in Chapter 5.

Small and medium-sized enterprises Competition State aids Directory code: Diverted water should be allowed to repercolate into the forest floor. Nordrhein-Westfalen has responded to the need to conserve and restore the natural fundamental basics of life for its inhabitants by: Related Posts.


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