Home What Is Bioenergetics? Bioenergetics Analysis was created and developed through the work of Alexander Lowen in the second half of the 20th century. It is a form of body Psychotherapy that is used to allow the human being to live their potential in all aspects of their lives. Bioenergetics is based on the understand that there is a very close relationship between the body and mind. Trauma, stress and strong emotional experiences that are not dealt with in the moment become stored in the body.

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Bioenergetics is A pioneer in this field, Alexander Lowen, M. It is a therapeutic technique to help people get back together with the body and enjoy the life of the body to the fullest degree possible. BA starts with the reality of the body and its basic functions of breathing, motility, feeling, and expression. BA differs from other forms of therapy in that it combines analysis of personality and character with body techniques and physical exercises to recognize and release chronic muscular tension - a necessary step in overcoming feelings, behaviors, and attitudes that detract from life.

BA recognizes the ability of the body to heal itself, and promotes that process. More than just talk Dr. Lowen wrote of the purely verbal therapies that they may "help a person become conscious of his tendencies to deny, project, blame, or rationalize, [but] this conscious awareness rarely affects the muscular tensions or releases the suppressed feelings. It differs from similar explorations into the nature of the self by attempting to understand the human personality in terms of the human body.

This form of therapy has helped people achieve good health -- in body and in mind — for more than half a century. More than any other modality, it explores the inexorable link between the body and the mind. These restrictions on living are not voluntarily self-imposed. They develop as a means of survival in a home environment and culture that denies and suppresses body-values such as pleasure, compassion, and joy, instead promoting the ego-values of power, prestige, and possessions.

The therapeutic relationship provides a place of safety in which healing begins. The Bioenergetic therapist reads the body, resonates with its energy, feels the emotions, listens, hears, and answers the words. The language of the body posture, gesture, breathing, motility, expression is in focus as it reflects the person beyond the guise of words, or a mask of expression — from the past into the present and future.

Work with body contact, boundaries, grounding, and the understanding of muscular tensions as indications of somatic and psychological defenses against past trauma are examined diagnostically, and utilized therapeutically.

It is equally true that most people are unconscious of the bodily handicaps under which they labor — handicaps that have become second nature to them, part of their habitual way of being in the world. In effect, most people go through life on a limited budget of energy and feeling. This is no easy task. The heart is well protected… To go through life with a closed heart is like taking an ocean voyage locked in the hold of the ship.

And if self-expression is constricted, the life of the body is limited. The goal of therapy is more than the absence of symptoms - it is feeling aliveness, getting a taste of pleasure, joy, love, and taking things more easily — it is vibrant health.


Alexander Lowen

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