Arashakar He has also mastered angeol equal ease the gipsy Music of Eastern Europe, a repertoire that he became interested in through his contacts with Serge Camps at La Roue Fleurie, a favorite meeting place of the gypsies in Paris where he played regularly between and Angelo Debarre, born in St-Denis, France, started playing guitar at the age of 8. Report uncivil behavior in comments Discovery Multis. The album was a popular critical success on both sides of the Atlantic, and proved that gipsy jazz is here to stay ; reviewers pointed out the important contribution that it has made to gipsy jazz tradition. This is music that he knows inside and out, and at concerts and festivals his enthusiasm debrre passion prove it. Keep an open mind, try something new, and you will discover something great. Check the listening apps for tools to listen outside of reddit.

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There are great opportunities everywhere in Paris for a visiting aficionado! Alain and his wife Maryse were just leaving on holiday, but what is a couple of hours delay in the Great Kinship? Monsieur Antonietto kindled up our euphoric state of mind even further by playing the hottest morsels from his collection. But this was just the beginning!

An elderly Manouche wearing what looked like a gold chain around his neck sat ringside with his wife. Walls and ceiling were covered with instruments, photographs, posters and all types of mementos large and small from a long life devoted to music. There were even Russian balalaikas hanging in the lavatory! The atmosphere was ecstatic. Thrills of anticipation ran through the record producer. There was a traditional singsong, Raya sang, and at least half a dozen guitarists played as if their life depended on it.

Plans started to take shape: It was now just a matter of finding the right time to make a recording! Angelo Debarre born 19 August grew up in a caravan surrounded by gypsy waltzes, which continue to be one of his specialties.

Franck Anastasio the son of the guitar-maker has been playing bass at La Roue Fleurie for the last couple of years. As well as being a keen motorcyclist, a Sicilian and a gentleman, he is a good singer, can swear in Danish, and is an excellent guitarist. Perhaps it is this combination that makes him a favorite bass player among guitarists. Serge Camps will play anything he can lay his hands on, but probably prefers the guitar.

He has played in many groups; some will no doubt remember him with Yul Brynner or Ivan Rebroff. However, it is in the two Hungarian suites and above all in the Skylark where we can hear him in his entire splendor. The Skylark is preceded by two other Romanian themes, a typical doina, followed by a short love song. This show-number has been interpreted over the years with, in addition to violin bows, lighters, beer glasses, curling irons and waffle irons.

This piece originates from the violin virtuoso Grigoras Dinicu, a cross between a local troubadour and Fritz Kreisler! Two of his compositions, The Skylark, and Hora Staccato, became internationally known when Jascha Heifetz used them as encores in his concerts.

The winter of was the mildest in memory. For once, Oslo was completely free of snow. Now, the hall once again was packed with music-lovers from all over the country, radio and TV were there, a couple of elderly gentlemen in the audience had been to the first concert half a century earlier!

The atmosphere was charged with history and new creativity. Still glowing from the hearty reception the preceding evening, we soon settled down in the studio the next day. The recording went like a dream; everything worked, and 11 numbers were recorded on first takes. It became another great first take, Angelo beamed, lifting his acoustic guitar over his head as if he had all the time in the world. Afterwards there were bear-hugs all around — the recording tape had really captured the atmosphere of a hot sultry night at La Roue Fleurie.


Angelo DeBarre



Angelo Debarre



Portrait of Angelo Debarre





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