Morg This causes an argument to strike up between him and Karin who can not make up her mind whether or not she loved Sasuke despite trying to kill her previously. But a narkto like him cannot stay like this, and so she planned. Madara who can barely contain himself, shouts to Hashirama that he had been waiting for him, to which Hashirama notes — with matched exuberance — that he would take care of him later after stopping the Ten-Tails. Now Bella must master her powers and prepare herself and change the world of Naruto in peperation for Kyugra and the Jubbis return. Naruto is really starting to enter its climax. Once Naruto reaches of age he is asked to enroll into it and becomes one of the first two males to ever enroll in the previously all-female school.

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With the momentary release of the barrier, NarutoSakuraSasuke and various shinobi charge in to face several replications of the restrained tailed beast. Once Naruto reaches of age he is asked to enroll into it and becomes one of the first two males to ever enroll in the previously all-female school. With Tsunade healed and able to stand, she questioned her fellow Sannin about his motives.

Hashiramataking this opportunity, creates five wood clones — four to help the alliance counter-attack and one to do battle against Madarawho decides to simply wait until the original is available.

Community Messages has been updated. The Begining by Bang Kise Ganteng reviews Hubungan yang didasari perjodohan kedua orang tua memang membuat canggung. Naruto is really starting to enter its climax. As the Ten-Tails burned, Naruto instructs Sasuke to put the flames out once the beast was weakened so that he and Kurama could extract the tailed beasts but Sasuke refuses, noting that he would burn them all down to create a new system. Trying to speak sense to his former friend, even though Obito decries his actions and tries to play on his conscience, Kakashi notes that he had long since realised that Obito was trying to overlap his old self with Naruto.

He needs to get stronger to make sure that he can survive in the cruel and vast world. Orochimaru claimed that he had changed from his previous views of wanting to move the world, and wanted to be around when a certain other person did — leading Tsunade to note that Jiraiya would have been alive if Orochimaru had made this discovery earlier. Arriving to where Tsunade and the other Kage were and upon seeing Katsuyua mischievous Suigetsu wonders how much salt it would take to kill it.

Using fear tactics, Orochimaru gets the two to comply, and the trio turn their attention to the Kage. With this, Obito announces that he is incapable of feeling pain, and shows Kakashi that there was no heart in his chest, just a windhole which was caused by the hell of this world. Meanwhile on the battlefield, the Ten-Tails begins to transform natuto again as it charges its attack. Madara — who notes that the fight had started to bore him, and he had already found something else to preoccupy his time — turns in time to see the Alliance rally around Naruto, providing a defence for him while Sakura begins to heal him.

Now Bella must master her powers and prepare herself and change the world of Naruto in peperation for Kyugra and the Jubbis return. As Naruto notes that he has felt their chakra in Tailed Beast Modeand that others were coming as well, the shinobi on the battlefield turn in shock to see the three other previous Hokage arrive. T — English — Adventure — Chapters: Minato acknowledges the trio, stating that this is the new three-way deadlock summoning leading Hiruzen to remember his students and acknowledge that it was truly the dawning of a new era.

Will have elements of other crossovers. Sai suggests that it would be best to defeat the largest of the clones, narutl slip close enough to beat the Ten-Tails itself, but it would be too far to jump at one go.



With their arrival, both Tobirama and Hiruzen praise Minato for koik speed. Komik Naruto Adventure, Humor, Fantasy, Rated: Obito is startled at his words as it was the very words he uttered to Kakashi when they were young. Gamer Extraordinaire by RiptideCrew reviews You have seen Naruto and self inserts play the mage or some other form where they usually narito Stat points into INT WIS Mainly, but what if Naruto took a different path from the nxruto and becomes one with the shadows? Obito, unwilling to give up, states that defeating him will not gain any advantage to winning the war despite having won their battle and warps back to the battlefield. As Sakura questions who the man before them was, Minato introduces himself and advises her to get ready for the explosion. Weaved lies after lies, all for the little star and her own wish, of death.


Komik Naruto

Gozahn Namun, Sakura dan Raizel ingin memulai kehidupan mereka yang sebenarnya dengan saling membuka diri. Sakura naruot Katsuyu to split into several parts to heal the Shinobi Alliance. Turning their discussion to the war, Katsuyu interjects that it would brief them on what was happening, much to ,omik shock that the slug was also back on the battlefield. Will he be able to reach the light or will he fall into into the darkness? Game Chronicles by Kore wa watashi reviews Waking up one day to find that he has been granted the chance to live life as a unique entity known as the Gamer. Obito, however, notes that he was doing it for the exact opposite reason and then declares that he did not wage a war in the world just for Rin.

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