IBM Business Process Manager enables the deployment of processes that span people, systems, applications, tasks, rules, and the interactions among them. It supports both long-running and short-running business processes, providing transaction rollback-like functionality for loosely coupled business processes. A process application can have one generated monitor model, which tracks all process instances for which monitoring was enabled. In addition, you can use IBM Integration Designer to develop custom monitor models that consume the events from one or more process applications. Restriction: The way a custom monitor model is initially generated in IBM Integration Designer does not support migrating process instances from one snapshot to another snapshot while using the same monitor model version.

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It exposes some very coarse grained activities through JMX that can be used through the wsadmin command but these are only a very small subset of the possibilities at large. This has a set of high level methods on it which provide the majority of the functions you would wish to perform.

These are themselves represented as Java objects with the appropriate getters to retrieve the values. With the arrival of Java 8, the JavaScript programming languages becomes a native component of the base Java environment. This means that JavaScript and Java now have a first class relationship between them. We can now write JavaScript applications that can use Java classes as seamlessly as possible.

This gives us the opportunity to write powerful scripts in JavaScript while at the same time leveraging the functions of Java. For example, the following script will find all BPM process instances that are active and terminate them.

Clicking on the Run button executes that script. Any messages are written to the console also available in this tab. The JavaScript can be saved to a file for subsequent reloading and re-execution. The JavaScript runtime supports the current full JavaScript standard plus some additional global functions provided by the Java 8 environment.

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It provides a robust set of tools to author, test, and deploy business processes, as well as full visibility and insight to managing those business processes. The components of IBM Business Process Manager provide a unified BPM repository to manage the business processes and their associated artifacts, tools for authors, administrators, and users, and a runtime platform. There are three editions of the product to support various levels of complexity and involvement with business process management. Table 1. It provides an easy-to-use interface with a process execution, monitoring and optimization engine, allowing participants to engage in process improvement activities. It provides tooling and run time for process design, execution, monitoring and optimization, along with basic system integration support. IBM Business Process Manager Standard is ideal for multi-project improvement programs that focus on workflow and productivity, scaling easily from initial project to enterprise-wide programs.


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