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We got it new in Its been flawless. Nary a problem. She is a flat ground rider. So with that said, my buddy offered up a ds It was his granddaughters and never ridden hard. It started right up and ran fine. There are some little brackets that kind da hold the front fenders up and I think the headlights too.

Those are funky and the headlights kinda flop around. He said a tree branch fell on it and messed those up. The plastic and seat are in good shape. Needs a good cleaning tho. Idk much about can-am stuff. Whatcha think? By Arizona DId the drive a few weeks ago and picked up another Bayou, Lol same story, doesnt know when it last run, at least 5 yrs.

Took both of us everything we had to get it up the ramps. Figured out later all brakes were locked up and cables frozen. The motor isnt locked, felt like decent compression on the pull start. Now all and i do mean all the wiring is destroyed, cut, burned, twisted and parts missing. I have figured out the wires to the Voltage regulator, I think i figures out the wires to the dash lights which the whole assembly is missing Still have to figure out the 2 wires coming out of the neutral safety switch where they go and 7 other wires coming out of the main harness.

The rest might go to the rear lights and something else. Would post pictures but not letting me post them saying they are too large? With an additional 60 amps, there is no more worrying about adding lights, stereos or heated seats.


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