Kazilkree Kathara Healing is deeply pleasurable and is based upon a profound knowledge of human multi-dimensional anatomy and our Angelic Origins. Ialionships to each other. Healibg morphogenetic field scalar grid structure of dimensions takes the form of sets of DlmensionBI Matrices. In ancient ctJltures, the powers of language were better understood than they presenlly are in contemporary mainstream society. The 12 Human Senses In terms of breaking down the sense facilities for structural analysis, such as is done by modern science in identifying the 5 Known Senses, we will describe the sensory attributes of the Higher Sense facilities in terms of their primary orientation, location of their kathata Apparthi receivers within the Hova Body structures and by the type of perceptual or experiential attributes produced through their function. Amazon Inspire Digital Educational Resources.

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Yocage Once the Imprint for Health has been temporarily restored, within the Core Holographic Template Kathara Grid, via running the Flash-line sequences of the Maharlc Shield through the Level-1 Kathara Grid, the outer layers of the anatomy can be further realigned to ,athara manifestation of the Kathara Grid Repatteming into the outer levels of the Bio-system.

It is a beautiful hands-on technique; the client lies on a massage table and the facilitator does the rest. Iationship between the consciousness observing the form and the consciousness of which the form is made. Passage through any star-gate requires a suffICient amount of chemically encoded spiritual integrity of consciousness. However, we do not have to walt until our evolution plods along to bring us to these expanded perceptual states. The Signets are the smaller, fixed, consolidated frequency points out of which the Seed Crystal Seals that fonn the Chakras manlIest.

The Share Complex regul. The Mahara Hova Body. Harmonics of Mannestation and Matter Density Receive clear guidance and instructions related to your questions. Follow the Author The first katthara for the sense facilities responsible for manifesting the organs or perception of the 5 identified senses exists within the configurations of electro-tonal Partiki units that form the crystalline seals of which the dimensions-2 Telluric Shield is constructed.

Smallest units of energy-substance. For physical transmutation to occur, the Kundalini energies of the higher dimensions must be brought into embodied activation, setting the processes of the Internal Templar Complex into motion. Directing Maharic frequency into the outer levels 01 the Bio- energetic Field regenerates the Imprint lor Health within and directly revitalizes the body cells lor accelerated Body-Mind-Spirit healing.

School of Everything is the website that helps you find things to learn near healimg. Ialionships to each other. As we learn 10 use this energy, in all its forms, with respect and clear intention, we will progressively fine-tune our ability to create what we desire and, in this process, assist all other beings to do Ihe same.

Bio-energetic System and body will build. Chakras regulate the flow of consciousness-energy belween Ihe dimensionatized Auric Field levels of Ihe Hova Bodies, keeping the various multi-dimensional stations of consciousness separate, in order to allow for experiential perception of holographic manifeslalion. When we treat all things with kindness, we demonstrate that we acknowtedge their intrinsic value as manffeslations of God-Source, and you will often find God-Source lovingly retums the favor.

Dimensionalized units of consciousness form Frequency Bands that exist in specific relationships to each other. It is the CORE level of scalar standing- wave creation and energetic organization within and behind all dimensionalizedsystems, and is thus considered to be the Core of the Holographic Template upon which the morphogenetic scalar wave blueprint and all other dimensions of form anatomy are built.

It Is strongty recommended that Individuals having a history of medtcat or psychiatric dlfficulUes. To develop proficiency and mathara skill within the art and science of Holistic Healing, the basic order of the Unified Field kathaea be understood.

Such decisions as to the factual or theoretical categorization of the MCEO Paradigm, and the responsibilities inherent to this deciSion, are deepty private spiritual issues, and thus must be assigned to the facutties of personal discretion. For example, it is not commonly recognized that the sense of smell is hfaling actuality part of the function of the auditory facility and thus represents an intrinsic part of the sense of hearing.

The Audurea and the Tristet 1. Claim of Authenticity In offering MCEO teachings for public exploration, neither the transtatorslauthors, publishers, promoters or retated Individuals and organizations make any claims whatsoever as to the factuality of Ideas or perspectives contained wfthln the MeEO Katuara.

The Techniques of Kathara Healing and regeneration of Kathara Grid integrity are so Simple that even a young child can learn to actively employ them, to achieve the desired result of restoring the Imprint for Health. Within the kqthara body and Auric Field the consistent points of flash-line crossover can be charted in the form of fixed lines of energy that run through the body.

The phYSical, mental and spiritual aspects of human anatomy represent one interdependent, interwoven system that is continually in a state of relationship to the Unified Field. Each Dimensional Frequency Band within the 1S-Dimensional Spectra contains within itself its own 12 Primary Sub-frequency Bands portions of the whole dimensional Partiki Phasing flash-line sequencesplus a reflection set of the frequency spectra from all of the Dimensional Bands below.

Top Reviews Most recent Top Reviews. There is no excuse to knowingly violate the spiritual rights of others, regardless of how poorty they may react to you. Awakening the Mentor and the 6th and healinf Senses. Healig can likewise be used to harmonize communications between self and others, as you can send the MENTOR focus into the higher dimensional fields to connect with the higher selves of others for conflict resolution. The Chakras regulate Ihe Iransduction of healinb -line sequences from the Dimensionafized Unified Field and Diadic Vortices of the Axiom Lines and Auric Field Levels into the Hova Body tissue capsules and rivulel channels that connect to the physical, electro-magnetic, chemical and hormonal aspects of the visibly manifest form.

The Dimensions composing the 5 Harmonic Universes together represent. This oracle is truly one-of-a-kind. Kathara Healing is deeply pleasurable and is based upon a profound knowledge of human multi-dimensional anatomy and our Angelic Origins.

The process of healing, therefore, is the process of restoring the Shields to their proper oreler so they may activate to build the Merkaba Vehicle through progressive Higher Identity Integration. TOP Related Posts.



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Akicage Kathara Healing is deeply pleasurable and is based upon a profound knowledge of human multi-dimensional anatomy and our Angelic Origins. When used in proper sequence, Sequance-2 Kalhara Poinls close the energetic gete-ways to the Kethara Line. Holistic healing, and KATHARA Healing particularly, take the concept of intrinsic unity within the seemingly separate systems of the human being one step further than simple interrelationship between physical, mental and spiritual aspects of human experience. Scalar Grids are created through Partiki Phasing.



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