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See Figure Lift Control Provides raising and lowering of the main boom. Articulating Jib This switch provides raising and lowering of the jib. Functions will operate at a slower than normal rate because of the lesser flow of hydraulic fluid delivered.

High Engine Temperature Indicator Indicates that engine coolant temperature is abnormally high and service is required.

Boom Control System Warning Indicator Indicates the platform is outside the operating area and operation of certain boom functions may be disabled i. Drive Orientation Override When pushed forward, the switch energizes the starter motor to start the engine. When the boom is swung over the rear tires or further in either direction, the Drive Orientation indicator will illuminate when the drive function is selected. Function Speed Control Soft Touch Indicator Platform Rotate The Jib Swing function is not operable when the Capacity Select control is in the lb.

Jib Swing 7. Lights If Equipped This switch operates accessory light packages if the machine is so equipped. This switch allows the operator to rotate the jib to the left or right. Jib Stow Override NOTE: This switch allows the operator to rotate the jib to the right past the electronic stop to stow the jib under the boom for transport. Steer Select When equipped with four wheel steering, the action of the steering system is operator selectable.

The center switch position gives conventional front wheel steering with the rear wheels unaffected. This is for normal driving at maximum speeds. When in this mode both front and rear axles steer in the same direction, which allows the chassis to move sideways as it goes forward. When the boom control is positioned to Manual, lift and telescope movements are controlled separately by the operator and the automatic platform leveling feature is active only during lift functions. NOTE: The platform control indicator panel uses different shaped symbols to alert the operator to different types of operational situations that could arise.

The meaning of those symbols are explained below. Glow Plug Cable Service AC Generator 7. Enable Drive Orientation Platform Overload 8. Fuel Level Axles Set Platform Capacity 9. Creep Speed System Distress Figure Tilt Alarm Warning Light and Alarm 7. An alarm will also sound when the chassis is on a slope and the boom is above transport position. If lit when the boom is raised or extended, retract and lower to below horizontal then reposition machine so that it is level before continuous operation.

Creep Speed Indicator When the Function Speed Control is turned to the creep position, the indicator acts as a reminder that all functions are set to the slowest speed. The light flashes if the control system puts the machine into creep speed and will be on continuously if the operator selects creep speed.

Cable Service Indicator Boom Control System Warning Indicator When illuminated, the light indicates the boom cables are loose or broken and must be repaired or adjusted immediately. Drive Orientation Indicator When the boom is swung beyond the rear drive tires or further in either direction, the Drive Orientation indicator will illuminate when the drive function is selected.

The primary operator control station is in the platform. From this control station, the operator can drive and steer the machine in both forward and reverse directions. The operator can raise or lower the upper or lower boom or swing the boom to the left or right.


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