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Flame Sensors are best for Fire Detection. So, you must get an idea about its importance. They are used in almost all kinds of projects where fire security is required. They are mostly used in those projects where vibration detection is necessary like we can use it for security purposes and can place them on doors and windows. So if someone tried to break the doors or windows then the vibrations will be detected by this sensor and buzzer can trigger.

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Advertisement This simple circuit can be used to count the number of cars entering a parking lot. In place of the foot switch, you can also use a normally-open-type reed switch. Mount the reed switch on the gate along with a magnet such that when someone opens the gate, the switch closes momentarily to provide a clock pulse for IC3 from timer IC2. The circuit has a facility to check the battery voltage. When the voltage goes below 4V, LED2 glows to indicate that the battery requires replacement or recharging.

Install the foot switch on the vehicle track at the entrance gate such that when any vehicle passes through the gate, the foot switch is pressed or pushed down momentarily by the wheel of the vehicle.

This provides a trigger pulse to pin 2 of timer IC2, which is configured in monostable mode. The time period of the monostable is determined by timing components resistor R7 and capacitor C3. The pulse output at pin 3 of timer IC2 acts as the clock pulse for counter IC3. A high signal at reset pin 13 of IC3 makes all the outputs zero. So the display shows Working of the circuit is simple. To start counting the number of vehicles passing through the gate, first press reset switch S3 momentarily.

The display will show Now press switch S2 momentarily to trigger IC2 for a preset time. The display shows the count in incremental order. Mount switches and displays on the front panel of the cabinet. Place the unit shown in Fig. Install the foot switch on the vehicle track.

You can also use a 6V-9V adaptor in place of the battery.


74C926 Integrated Circuit (IC)



74C926 Integrated Circuit (IC)



Simple Parking Counter


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