Tommy is not a very happy kid because he sees all the evil in the world. He sees the world for what it really is, not for all the good in it. He decides to go by the name of "iBoy" and fight for justice. Tommy changes his view on society throughout the story, mostly his views on morality. Lucy Walker Gram Lucy Walker is also sixteen years old. Lucy and Tommy are very good friends.

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I mean, I can use a computer. I can use a phone. I can use a Kindle. Sometimes I kind of link them all together if Im feeling particularly frisky one day. But when people say that they prefer Windows to Apple, I zone out.

I dont know whether Im a Mac or a PC. The adverts meant nothing to me except omfg its Jeremy and Mark! Do I have to choose between them? No, I refuse. A boy is standing under a block of flats and someone throws an iPhone off the 30th floor and it embeds himself into his head. Never mind. A fact, I feel, that was proven by me actually picking up this book.

I understand that this story will never and could never happen. So I was OK with this and I was quite happy to read a story where everything was left a bit up in the air. There were times when this story descended into a bit of an instruction manual and it left me completely lost and it managed to yank me out of a story that I was actually really involved in.

There was absolutely tons of info-dumping. I mean actual info-dumping. There is part of the iPod instruction manual in a chapter. I have to admit it would be handy. The more I tried to understand… the more delirious I became. He did it in Naked and, to some extent, he did it with iBoy. If you took away the iPlot and the zapping, this book would have been so good. And I love that about him because, even though it was uncomfortable and it was realistic and brilliant.

Which is crazy because I know that Mr Brooks can write emotions and darker subjects with subtlety and tact but this one was just way too much. Also, for extra iLOLZ… this main event of this story happened the day before my birthday. The perfect balance between hero and regular kid, I really wanted to get to know him and not iBoy. And, of course, I loved Lucy. What a little sweetheart. I so wish this had been a contemporary book because I know that it would have been unforgettable instead of being memorable for all the wrong reasons.

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iBoy by Kevin Brooks

Share via Email The story of iBoy is set in the badlands estates of outer London. After a blow on the head from a free-falling smartphone possibly a more common fate than one might suspect , year-old Tom recovers from surgery to find that enough of the device has stayed embedded in his brain to allow him to pluck electronic communications from the ether at will. Since his debut with Martyn Pig in , Brooks has been writing sound, exciting, well-constructed novels for readers of 12 and above about teenagers out of their depth in a grim adult world. Rape, murder and other violent incidents frequently feature in the narratives but are not allowed to become commonplace or acceptable.


iBoy (Roman)

Alle productspecificaties Kevin Brooks Kevin Brooks studeerde psychologie en filosofie in Birmingham, maar stopte voortijdig met beide studies. Hij had verschillende banen, en was vooral werkzaam als musicus en beeldend kunstenaar. Hij gaf zijn werk op om fulltime te kunnen schrijven. Brooks schrijft gedichten, verhalen, romans en liedteksten, zowel voor kinderen als voor volwassenen. In won hij de Canongate Prize for New Writing voor een kort verhaal. De poging van Kevin Brooks om een uitgever te vinden voor zijn kinderboek Martyn Pig toont overeenkomsten met die van Harry-Potterauteur J.





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