After studying at the National University of Cordoba Argentina, and also with Juan Carlos Paz in Buenos Aires, Horacio Vaggione acquainted himself with French electro-acoustic music through the radio and began to compose his first works Ceremonia for tape, He took charge of the electro-acoustic studio of the Centre for Experimental Music he had founded at the University of Cordoba During the s he visited the principal European electro-acoustic studios and experimented with digital sound synthesis as a scholar of the Fulbright Fund at the University of Illinois. In he joined Luis de Pablo in Spain and set up the group Alea. Horacio Vaggione includes computer technology in his compositional processes, developing ideas of stratification, figuration, articulation, morphology and singularity.

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Dagrel In a letter, Luis de Pablo then proposed, in Spain, the creation of an electro-acoustic studio financed by a patron and encouraged the composer to join him. He considers that every sound object is a musical object and lies within the domain of the composable; he likes to take sound objects produced by acoustic instruments and transform them: Facebook Practical informations Contact.

In he joined Luis de Pablo in Spain and set up the group Alea. Writings and research papers: Modelos de universo III represents his earliest experiments with granulation and digital micromontage.

In he undertook his first work in electro-acoustic music at the CIAL, the acoustics research centre of the Institute for mathematics and physics of the University of Cordoba Ceremonia for tape,then installed an electro-acoustic studio in his home. Cdmc resources Listen to extracts of works. His music is characterised by lively, boracio violent colours, but also by subtle relationships vagtione are set up between the acoustic instruments and the recorded or computer-generated part Thema for bass saxophone and tape-computer,through the exploration of the meaning of the material used and its potential, as well as on the symbolic significance of the musical figures Septuor for electronic ensemble, Born and raised into an Orthodox Jewish family, the droning and whispered sounds of the Ashkenazic synagogue service and Chasidic melodies were a formative introduction to abstracted sound expression.

This page was last edited on 27 Juneat Vaggione parses through tense and often false dichotomies between multiplicitous and univocal sonic elements, with granular sound positioned and manipulated without the unity of the sound source being lost.

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Past and present ricochet. As a teenager, exposure to the local DC punk scene beget collaboration and performance. Horacio Vaggione Writings and research papers: Horacio Vaggione born is an Argentinian composer of electroacoustic and instrumental music who specializes in micromontage, granular synthesis, and microsound and whose pieces are often scored for performers and computers mixed music.

Listen to hoacio of works. The specific problem is: He also discovered the latest works of Iannis Xenakis and attended, in Germany, the summer courses at Darmstadt.

He also produced some radio broadcasts on contemporary music National Argentine Radio, Slow, furious, erotic, and unheimlich landscapes unfold. Ash is an example of this, using the Syter process of the GRM; similarly, Points critiques is based on the sounds of a snare drum rubbing, bouncing, multiphonics transformed by a whole range faggione software. Disponible en ligne sur: February Learn how and when to remove this template message.

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Horacio Vaggione

Slow, furious, erotic, and unheimlich landscapes unfold. Ton Bruynel Foundation Prize Amsterdam, His works bridge the chasm between sound and structure by developing a multi-scaled temporal approach, achieved through networks of objects conceived baggione polyvalent symbolic entities. An introduction to non-Western arts led to study of koto, Balinese gamelan, and Chinese calligraphy at University. This biography of a living person needs additional citations for verification. Electroacoustics to Carry Along A move to San Francisco brought exposure to rave culture — arousing the experimentation with electronics that continues to this day.




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