It is suitable for CCTV systems in environments that do not require high dynamic parameters. A new menu has been designed to help everyone, even the beginner user, navigate and make required changes to the settings of the DVR. Both the location of frequently used functions and graphic layout meet the highest current standards. Browsing the archives locally allows to play them back simultaneously from all channels. Clicking on any point causes an immediate playing of the recordings.

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Try using Internet Exlorer in compatibility mode some old firmwares only work with IE up to version 9. Once the firmware is upgraded, I want to set-up the DVR to send emails for alerts. I played with this a bit by entering my freebie yahoo email address as the sender and my freebie gmail as the receiver and was unsuccessful in getting the emailing feature to work. Use GMail to send. Check out this guide, it is in spanish but it should be good enough, look at the second screenshot.

The ivms client worked like a charm with windows 8. Is there a version that works for mac? If that exists, I will be in great shape. If you can tell me how to do that, I would like to try that too as an alternate to installing the ivms software. I clicked on the link to the Hikvision firmware that you provided and do not know what to click on. There were 2 options as far as I could tell.

There was a v3. The version of firmare currently installed on the system is V3. Do I need to change firmware or is my version current? I clicked on the spanish guide for setting up the email and the menus did not look like that when I was working on the DSHI-S.

Is that because my firmware is not up-to-date. I think I set up the email properly based on the information shown in the guide. I have a Comcast Business class IP gateway. Thanks again in advance, VC Share this post.


Hikvision DS-7316HI-S 16 channel standalone digital video recorder with H.264 video compression



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HIKVISION DS-7300HI-S Series User Manual


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