Mulkree I never sent him hate mail, and I never will. They accused me of corrupting the minds of innocent youth, of being a paid shill for the Vatican, and of being a moron. Look up his back end. So I wrote a novel that dealt with both sides of the equation, in the belief that the forces of darkness seem more real and scarier when they are one half of a balanced narrative equation that includes the forces of light—just as making love with a cherished partner is immeasurably better than finding satisfaction in a porn film. There were a lot of similarities, but the differences were enough to make the movie less entertaining. Then he takes Regina to his collection.

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Was this review helpful to you? His words are all beautifully phrased, straight forward, and complement what he set out to do — make a good story.

We could have a few saki and reminisce about the Bataan Death March. Here, the author of Cold Fire, etc. However, the reason for this is never explored. Thanks for telling us about the problem. I just really want to add to my previous review; This time around I really enjoyed this book and what made it different for me was that I paid more attention to the ending and there were several things I liked about it.

This holds true for this book. He remembered the bat that had swooped into the service station lights to snatch the hapless moth out of the air, eating it alive. I recommend this book as a great thriller! Dean R. Koontz Hideaway Reviewed by Rick Kleffel He has a strong theme of the battle between good and evil in many of his books that I find I really enjoy. I said this is what he does best, Dean Koontz doing what he always does best. Want to Hiddaway Currently Reading Read.

Vassago is one creepy guy and enough mystery is enshrouded around him to leave the uideaway from becoming bored. The characters are made with strong and weaker aspects that are relevant to the tale. One central theme in a Dean Koontz novel is good versus evil. August Learn how and when to remove this template message. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Had I had more reading time, this is one of those books I would have polished off in a couple days.

The volume of hate was never so great that the postal service had to deliver it in eighteen-wheelers—a mere fifty letters—but it satisfied. Edit Storyline Hatch Harrison had a traffic accident with his car. Everytime I pick one of his books up I know four or five things are going to happen. Sign in with Facebook Other Sign in options. This is an uplifting book that explores both good and evil of the supernatural world.

Lindsay is barely hanging on to life but Hatch is clinicall It took me til the near end of the book for me to realize that I had seen this movie and with that I will say that the book is much better than the movie. In their very unique genius, the director and the studio execs kept the name Regina, but changed her into a moody sixteen-year-old sexpot.

Indeed I sensed that they were perversely proud of their hatemongering scamp. Nothing that leaves your palms constantly sweating, but fast enough to hold attention and make an enjoyable treat. But I absolutely love the ending and is one of my favorites of all time. Aug 06, Jim C rated it it was amazing. Although these days Koontz has koonhz a faster paced, more modern writing style, Hideaway was written back in the day when Koontz wrote in a style similar to Stephen King causing endless comparisons to each other: Some of his stuff comes off as almost absurd, like an element of science fiction or fantasy dropping into what seemed to be a avereage modern society setting.

He became a successful independent producer after leaving Universal, so sometimes there is justice in Hollywood. Hideaway introduces us to ordinary couple Hatch and Lindsey Harrison, who one day during a storm are out driving on hidewaay highway, when they are swerved off the road by a drunk driver, resulting in their car to crash. After stripping story, character, and theme from the novel, the director and studio execs failed to replace them with anything, resulting in just a koonz of images and noises.

I allowed my many library books to jump ahead of finishing Hideaway, which I own.


[PDF] Hideaway Book by Dean Koontz Free Download (432 pages)





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