Gleistein Mooring Ropes Need new mooring lines? Gleistein Gmbh has been a leading producer for Mooring ropes and docklines since The results are perfect balanced mooring lines for superyachts. The combination of a well produced core and cover with the right amount of twist and the highest grade of polyester or dyneema takes care for save mooring of your yacht. Gleistein mooring ropes We supply Gleistein mooring lines for superyachts of 40m — m throughout Europe.

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Iain Kidd Rope for the best Gleistein Ropes manufactures and distributes high quality ropes that are used throughout a variety of industries. Over the course of its year history, the company has earned an enviable reputation through continual innovation and a firm focus on customer service, thereby gaining rewarding contracts with major companies such as Puma and Royal Caribbean International, to name but a few.

A fully family-operated company since , Gleistein Ropes has constantly produced ropes that have been at the cutting edge of their time. It has been designed to focus on heavy-duty applications and can lift weights up to metric tonnes.

The longstanding success of Gleistein Ropes can be attributed to a variety of factors including a focus on staying at the forefront of technology, its dedication to customers and of course the high quality of its products. Rather than making mass-produced, standardised items, the company prefers to work with clients to produce solutions tailored exactly to the needs and demands of their specific environment.

One such example is SkySails, a German company that has designed an innovative kite-based propulsion system for use by large ocean-going vessels. These chutes offer ships a source of wind power and can reduce fuel consumption by between ten and 35 per cent. As its technology partner, Gleistein Ropes has specially-created a unique towing rope made of ultra-strong Dyneema fibres that is capable of handling between 16 and 32 tonnes of pulling force.

Several challenges need to be tackled when developing new products, and these often depend on the function they will serve. However, the challenge comes in making these same lines resistant against abrasion and cutting.

Another challenging example is to achieve the necessary compaction and cross-section stability for safe use in winch systems. Gleistein Ropes runs a dedicated research and development laboratory to overcome such difficulties. Ongoing investments for updating the technology have ensured the facility is among the most advanced of its kind in the world.

Besides that, we carry out full load cycling tests, which predict the behaviour and performance of ropes over their lifetime. The lab has a dedicated staff of about eight full time equivalents to develop these products and carry out quality assurance. These and other contracts have ensured a steady stream of business even through the financial crisis. Though it was impacted during by decreased business, this year has seen business regenerate to nearly pre-crisis levels.

For example, synthetic fibre ropes are more flexible and easier to handle than steel wire ropes and that means they are time saving and even cost saving. Besides that, they are also a lot safer. There are always two sides, on one is the external market, which you cannot always rely on to be good to you, and on the other is our own responsibility to create prospects. The future is something we must take responsibility for.


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