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Origin[ edit ] The Kikuyu belong to the Northeastern Bantu branch. Their language is most closely related to that of the Embu and Mbeere. Geographically, they are concentrated in the vicinity of Mount Kenya.

The exact place that the Northeast Bantu speakers migrated from after the initial Bantu expansion is uncertain. Some authorities suggest that the Kikuyu arrived in their present Mount Kenya area of habitation from earlier settlements further to the north and east, [3] while others argue that the Kikuyu, along with their closely related Eastern Bantu neighbors the Embu , Meru , Mbeere , and Kamba moved into Kenya from points further north.

Kenya dates to around the 3rd century, as part of the larger group known as Thagicu. The Agikuyu established themselves in their current homeland of Mt.

Kenya region by the 13th century. Each clan traced its lineage to a single female ancestor and a daughter of Mumbi. Some clans had a recognised leader, others did not. Each clan then forwarded the leader of its council to the apex council of elders for the whole community. The title Mwathani or Mwathi the greatest ruler comes from the word gwatha meaning to rule or reign with authority, was and is still used. Ngai cannot be seen but is manifested in the sun, moon, stars, comets and meteors, thunder and lightning, rain, rainbows, and in the great fig trees Mugumo.

Thunder is interpreted to be the movement of Ngai and lightning is the weapon used by Ngai to clear the way when moving from one sacred place to another.

In one legend, Ngai made the mountain his resting place while on an inspection tour of earth. Ngai then took the first man, Gikuyu, to the top to point out the beauty of the land he was giving him. All those forces things in the universe came from God who, from the beginning of time, have had the vital divine force of creation within himself.

Everything created by God retains a bond from God Creator to the created. The first humans who were created by God have the strongest vital force because they got it directly from God.

Because these first humans sit just below God in power, they are almost like Gods or even can be Gods. The current parent of an individual is the link to God through the immediate dead and through ancestors. On Earth, humans have the highest quantity of vital force.

All the other things forces on Earth were created to enable human vital force being become stronger. All things have vital force but some objects, plants and animals have higher vital force than others. A human can use an animal to symbolize the level of his vital force compared to other humans.

There is a specific point within every physical manifestation thing of vital force where most that force is concentrated. A human can easily manipulate things to his advantage or to their detriment by identifying this point of concentration of vital force.

There are human beings who have more knowledge of these forces and can manipulate them at will usually by invoking higher forces to assist. Higher forces are invoked by humans using lower forces animal or plant sacrifice as intermediaries. To approach higher forces directly is thahu abomination which leads to a curse. The human society has some few elite people very skilled in the art of manipulating forces to strengthen a human s force or diminish it, strengthen any force below human force or diminish it.

The leader of a human society is the one possessing the highest vital force as at that time or the one closest to God or both. Since the leader of this human society has the highest vital force and hence closer to God than any other person, he should be able to nourish the rest of the people by linking them to the ultimate God and by being able to command lower forces to act in such a way so as to reinforce the other humans vital force.

The life force of a dead ancestor can come back to life through the act of birth of a new child, especially when the child is named after the departed ancestor and all is seen to be well. These first parents were so respected to be treated almost like God himself.

These were followed by the ancestors of the people who inherited life force from the first parents, then followed by the immediate dead and finally the eldest in the community. Hence when people wanted to offer sacrifices, the eldest in the community would perform the rites.

Children in the community had a link to God through their parents and that chain would move upwards to parent parents, ancestors, first created parents until it reaches God Himself. They also believed that some people possessed power to manipulate the inner force in all things.

They also believed that ordinary items can have their spiritual powers increased such that they protect a person against those bent on diminishing a person vital life force. Further, time was recorded through the initiation by circumcision.

Each initiation group was given a special name. Before a regiment or army was set, there was a period in which no initiation of boys took place. The regiment or army sets also get special names, some of which seem to have ended up as popular male names. Several regiments then make up a ruling generation. It was estimated that ruling generations lasted an average of 35 years. The ruling generations are however uniform and provide very important chronological data.


kikuyu bible

Origin[ edit ] The Kikuyu belong to the Northeastern Bantu branch. Their language is most closely related to that of the Embu and Mbeere. Geographically, they are concentrated in the vicinity of Mount Kenya. The exact place that the Northeast Bantu speakers migrated from after the initial Bantu expansion is uncertain.


Kikuyu Bible:- Ibuku Ria Ngai



kikuyu bible


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