Istilah-istilah tersebut menggambarkan pengelompokan manusia berdasarkan generasi atau tahun kelahiran. Masing-masing generasi memiliki karakteristik tersendiri, yang dipengaruhi oleh konteks lingkungan yang dihadapi di masa hidupnya. Termasuk generasi manakah kamu? Yuk belajar mengidentifikasi generasi berdasarkan tahun lahirnya, termasuk ciri-ciri utama mereka.

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The dynamic that exists amongst this diversity is both fascinating and challenging. This historical coexistence is unprecedented in the workplace, resulting in a sort of corporate melting pot of beliefs, cultures, and work ethic.

According to a recent CIO study, relations among the generations seem to be at a low point, as Gen Y defined as people born after think Gen X born between and are a bunch of whiners; Gen X sees Gen Y as arrogant and entitled, and everyone thinks the Baby Boomers born between are self-absorbed workaholics.

What are the key differences amongst these groups and their views on work? Although they represent a sense of history within their field, they can unfortunately be viewed negatively by their younger counterparts. Differences exist with Gen X and Gen Y on acceptable proportions of work-life balance, quality of work vs.

Without question Gen X and Y tend to be more flexible in where and how they work, while Boomers prefer to have staff in the office, face-to-face, every day. There is also a significant gap in the application of technology for corporate communications. Boomers are slower to embrace social media sites such as LinkedIn , and even more hesitant to fully support Facebook or Twitter.

Additionally, Boomers tend to believe in tried and true communication methods of face to face or voice to voice — their usage of email, texts, posts or tweets for corporate communication is far less than that of their generational counterparts. Generation X Gen X is viewed as independent, as many grew up taking care of themselves due to both parents working, learning to become resourceful, responsible and self-sufficient.

According to a recent About. This resourcefulness has led them, as a generation, to excel in the workplace by putting in the hours while maintaining a reasonable work-life balance, unlike their Boomer predecessors. They are flexible and embrace person-to-person communications as well as electronic communications. Gen X incorporates social media seamlessly into their personal and professional lives, and seems to adapt well to the changing IT environment.

Their rapid rate of market entry could pose problematic on a number of levels, not only for them, but for their co-workers. Millenials encompass those somethings who are well-educated and well-groomed with near universal positive reinforcement from authority figures. Unlike previous generations, Millenials have been mostly sheltered from the heart-breaking effects of a true, disappointing failure. As they enter an overly-saturated job market, they may be ill equipped to confront the less than idyllic opportunities available to them.

According to a recent CareerBuilder. Millenials demand an equitable work-life balance, flexible hours, work-from-home options, and most fundamentally, mobile technology to support their professional lifestyles.

Recognizing and tapping into the history, experience, and wisdom the Boomer generation has to offer is an excellent mechanism for knowledge transfer and team building, while Gen Xers and Millenials can work with Boomers to realize greater efficiencies with mobile technologies. The workplace of today is an historic, rich blend of culture, knowledge and experience that we may not see again for decades to come.


Gen Y, Gen X and the Baby Boomers: Workplace Generation Wars

This comprehensive online course teaches you how. Boomers and X-ers and Y-ers. Gen Y defined as people born after thinks Gen X spawned between and is a bunch of whiners. Gen X sees Gen Y as arrogant and entitled.

HP 5342A PDF

Conoce las diferencias entre Millennials, GenX y Baby Boomers

Just wait until the children of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie hit the scene. Generation Y Also known as Millennials, born between about and Born between the advent of the Walkman and the founding of Google, the members of Gen Y are unsurprisingly shaped by technology. Some have made fortunes from it. A few, like this man, have already become billionaires. Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook, wearing a jacket. Most Gen Ys never do this.


Pokolenia na rynku pracy w Polsce - kim są baby boomers, X, Y i C?

WOW, a primeira vez na histria! Mas o X da questo a Gerao Y. Se voc no sabe o porqu, me contrate para palestrar sobre esse intrigante, instigante e importante assunto que est dando um n no atual mercado de trabalho. Ou veja j esta apresentao. Bom proveito! Contatos: beia 5now. So 5 geraes economicamente ativas, no Brasil.

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