Einstein La Gehenna sta arrivando. Il Sabbat, di contro, continua a riorganizzarsi e ad evolversi notte dopo notte per prepararsi alla venuta del Padre e degli Antidiluviani: la Setta si rende conto di non essere effettivamente pronta, allo stato attuale, ad affrontare i veri pericoli del Mondo di Tenebra e lavora costantemente sui suoi difetti riorganizzandosi in maniera strategica e smussando tutti i difetti della struttura. I Narratori potranno divertirsi a creare cronache in uno scenario piuttosto vicino ai prossimi anni, dove i Dannati vivranno il cambiamento in maniera molto combattuta. Molti dannati si riuniscono sotto Leader carismatici, Anarchici o Indipendentisti, oppure abbracciano il Nomadismo. Tanti si aggiungono al Sabbat nella speranza di trovare, nella Spada, una via da perseguire abbracciando la fede Lealista. Anatole riderebbe di queste farneticazioni?

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Main article: Masquerade society Vampires in the World of Darkness have a rich, complex, and diverse secret society with a range of ideologies, goals, and backgrounds. Sects largely divide along ideological disputes surrounding the distribution of power among vampires, the role of vampires in the human world, and the ancient myths that allegedly explain the origins and purpose of vampires.

Age[ edit ] An important means of social distinction among vampires in this setting is through age. Younger vampires wanting respect and power must prove themselves to their elders. While ambition can provide a degree of upward mobility among immortals, oftentimes respect comes to those who can prove they can survive.

Fledglings are still too ignorant and weak to survive on their own though some among the Sabbat manage it and are dependent on their Sires for protection and education. Neonates - Though still young, a neonate has proved that they can survive on their own and is seen as a full-fledged member of their society.

Ancilla - Ancilla have survived a few decades or perhaps a few centuries. They have also likely accomplished something in their time for their sect or clan though what this might be varies. Elder - A relative term that could indicate a vampire is anywhere between and 1, years old.

They generally have a great deal of wealth, influence, or power to leverage in the Jyhad. Methuselah - Methuselah range between 1, and 2, years old. At this age, vampires begin to retreat from society and many do not survive the profound changes brought on by surviving this long. There are rumored to be only thirteen of them. Laws and norms concerning the place of vampires within the mortal world, feeding, the treatment of vessels, vampiric morality, secrecy, feeding grounds, Gehenna and the distribution of power form the basis of these divisions.

The two major sects are the Camarilla and the Sabbat, but there are other sects as well, such as the Inconnu or the Anarchs. A sect is something a character may choose in-game, though this decision is often chosen for them by their Sire. Defection to one side or the other is possible, but comes with a great risk, as much of what motivates the Jyhad are the ideological differences between the Camarilla and the Sabbat.

While many factions and sub-sects exist in the game, the main focus is the conflict between the Camarilla, the Sabbat and the Anarchs. The Camarilla — Nicknamed the "Ivory Tower", the Camarilla strictly adheres to a set of ancient laws known as the Traditions. The Camarilla was created as a reaction to the Inquisition and sees its purpose as maintaining the Masquerade as a means of ensuring the survival of all Kindred. The Traditions are enforced and order in each jurisdiction usually one city in the mortal world is maintained by a powerful leader known as a Prince.

The Camarilla describes itself in idealistic terms suggesting it is a genteel society of undead peers but harbors a vast, complex, and rigid hierarchy that breeds ancient rivalries and vicious political machinations. Camarilla vampires often refer to humans as " Kine ", an archaic term for cattle. It contains a diverse range of ideologies but they believe in a more equitable redistribution of power between Kindred. The Sabbat do not openly follow the Traditions but instead adhere to a system of self-rule, freedom, and interdependence as outlined in the Code of Milan.

The Sabbat actively believe that Gehenna is real and it is their duty to protect Cainites from the predation of the Antediluvians.

The Sabbat believe themselves superior to humans and ultimately believe that they should rule over the human world rather than hide from it. Many have a flagrant disregard for human life which is evinced in the brutal tactics they use in the Jyhad. While anyone may ostensibly claim membership in the Camarilla, the Sabbat have brutal initiation rites where characters must prove their loyalty. They also practice cult-like rituals and a form of ceremonial group Blood Bonding, called Vaulderie, to ensure loyalty.

They often use more vulgar epithets for their human vessels. The most visible sign of the sect are its Monitors who sometimes take up residence in a territory. Its motivations and purpose are unknown and most know very little about it. Many of them function like small-scale Sects, such as the Followers of Set or the Giovanni, with specific agendas in mind. Others, such as the Ravnos are more individualistic. The Assamites lie between these extremes, having a centralized hierarchy in the Middle East, but generally operating as freelance mercenaries.

The Laibon, called Kindred of the Ebony Kingdom by Western Kindred, are not so much a sect as a cultural group bound together loosely by a powerful spiritual bond to the land and the people of Africa. The Kindred of the East , while sharing some superficial similarity to the western Kindred, are actually an entirely different variety of supernatural being.

It is widely accepted that there are thirteen clans with thirteen founders, though not all of them are technically Antediluvian. Some clan founders, such as Giovanni or Tremere, usurped their position via Diablerie. Clans may have a social or political component to them, but a clan is not something a character chooses; it is something they are Embraced into. Those without a clan are known as Caitiff, and are considered outsiders.

Through the back story of the game, Antediluvians started a war among themselves, called the Jyhad , and use their clansmen to fight this war for them. Each Clan and Bloodline has a unique set of powers called Disciplines, and their own set of weaknesses, also unique to that particular branch of vampire. Banu Haqim Formerly known as Assamite Before 5th edition: A cult of undead assassins based in the middle east.

They possess a specialized Discipline called Quietus, which aids in stealth and killing. In the ancient past, the Tremere placed a curse on the entire clan in order to curb their rampant Diablerie. As a result, the clan could not consume Vitae without suffering terrible wounds and is unable to benefit from Diablerie.

Assamites are largely independent of sects. Brujah: In ancient times, the Brujah were a clan of noble philosophers and warrior-poets. Since the loss of their city of Carthage, which was their crowning achievement, they have become a clan of malcontents, rebels, rogues, and anti-authoritarians.

Brujah possess great passion, but this same passion makes it more difficult for them to resist the Beast. Brujah are one of the seven founding clans of the Camarilla. Independent and more interested in their own survival, the Gangrel prefer to run with wild animals rather than play politics with others of their kind. Gangrel are masters of the Discipline Protean which allows them to change their bodies into bestial shapes. When Gangrel frenzy, they resemble the Beast, taking on animal features and disfigurements.

Gangrel are one of the seven founding clans of the Camarilla, although their leadership broke from it close to the end of the s in universe. Giovanni exterminated the parent clan, Diablerized its founder, and founded a new clan, but in doing so gained the enmity of the larger Kindred community.

Branded "Devil Kindred", the Giovanni made peace with the rest of the clan by swearing to remain neutral in the Jyhad. The Giovanni are tight-knit and highly organized, and they embrace only within certain mortal families. The Giovanni are primarily interested in wealth and necromancy, but these are simply a means to an end.

The Giovanni are independent. As one of the two founding clans of the Sabbat, they gained notoriety for allegedly destroying their Antediluvian founder. The Lasombra practice a Discipline known as Obtenebration that allows them to manipulate shadows and darkness.

Perhaps as a result of their signature Discipline they do not appear in mirrors or on film that uses mirrors in its development. Their Discipline of Dementation allows them to spread their insanity like a plague prior to the third edition, knowledge of this Discipline was suppressed within the Camarilla. All members of this clan are insane in some way. They are one of the seven founding clans of the Camarilla. The Embrace turns its victims into hideous and deformed monsters who are marginalized by their appearance and forced to dwell in the shadows of the sewers.

However, their lives on the fringes and their stealthy abilities allow them to learn secrets others would rather keep hidden; as a result, they often traffic in information. All Nosferatu are ugly and obviously monsters to the point that appearing openly would break the Masquerade. They are one of the founding members of the Camarilla. While some among them follow Indian spiritual beliefs concerning cycles of incarnation, others are simple opportunists taking advantage of whatever chaos can be had.

Ravnos rarely embrace those not of Eastern European Romani backgrounds. They practice a special Discipline known as Chimestry which allows them to create illusions. All Ravnos indulge in a particular vice as their clan weakness. The Ravnos are independent. They are masters of secret and forbidden lore and foster corruption and desperation in the world as part of their worship of their god.

Their signature Discipline was Serpentis which allows them to take on aspects of snakes. Setites are especially sensitive to light and take twice as much damage from sunlight as other Kindred. Followers of Set independent of the sects consider themselves a sect unto themselves.

Enthralled by the ever-changing mortal world, they are one of the few clans who seek to keep up with it. Toreador often Embrace for beauty or to preserve artistic talent. Beauty can utterly captivate them, immobilizing them for a period of time. They are one of the founding seven clans of the Camarilla. The Tremere gained their immortal status by experimenting with Tzimisce Vitae.

Their Discipline of Thaumaturgy allows them to use the power of their blood to cast spells, but their dependency on Vitae makes them more easily susceptible to Blood Bonds. The clan is highly organized, and its members are all partially Blood Bound to the ruling seven Elders of the clan. Like the Lasombra, the Tzimisce also claim to have destroyed their founder and are pillars of the Sabbat. Alien but mystical, the Tzimisce use their unique flesh and bone shaping Discipline of Vicissitude to transform themselves into superior beings.

The Tzimisce are deeply tied to the lands where they were Embraced. If they do not rest within proximity of at least two handfuls of the land where they were born or Embraced, they become increasingly debilitated.

Ventrue seeks power and wealth to support its legacy of rulership over Kindred and Kine. Ventrue, as a clan, may only feed from a specific kind of vessel e.

For example, Toreador within the Sabbat consider themselves Toreador antitribu. Some are so different that they are considered different bloodlines manifesting different Disciplines, weaknesses or even a different name.

Lasombra outside the Sabbat are considered antitribu while the Tzimisce outside the Sabbat are referred to as Old Clan. A Sabbat offshoot of the Followers of Set is known as the Serpents of the Light, and have rejected both the clan founder and his Egyptian origin, in favor of the cultural trappings of Caribbean voodoo.


Gehenna (book)

Interested in getting started? Purchase the V5 corebook. Interested in joining one of our ongoing games? This led to the very first multi-table crossover gaming event at a single location for V5. Each of these games has its own themes, with different plots and intrigue led by a different storyteller. However, the events that unfold happen canonically within the same timeline , contributing to a greater overall story. This way, players can travel between cities and games , sharing in a broader story and expanding on their personal roleplaying experience at the same time.


Gehenna (event)

Douglas Netchurch is summoned to the Middle East, where two factions of vampires fight over the child of a Thin Blood. As well as covering the various factions and powerful players on the world stage of the Jyhad , it also introduces the Withering and has general advice for Storytellers running a Gehenna chronicle. Chapter Two: Wormwood A Gehenna scenario in which God brings judgement on all vampires through Wormwood , destroying them utterly — except perhaps for a few Chosen who might survive. Chapter Three: Fair is Foul A scenario in which the traditional vampire creation myth of Caine turns out to be only part of the story, and it is neither Caine nor God who comes to pass judgement on the Kindred.


Edit Gehenna scenarios are fairly well outlined in The Book of Nod , the Erciyes Fragments , Revelations of the Dark Mother and other sources, so much so that Gehenna cultists can provide Jack Van Impe -style outlines of the events leading up to the end of Kindred society. While certain signs notably the prophecies of Octavio outline peripheral events, the main sequence from the Book of Nod is roughly as follows: The Time of Thin Blood. This particular warning is used by Princes to rationalize offices such as the Scourge , eliminating out high-generation vampires. Increased violence by Garou and other traditional enemies. The rise of ancient vampires, notably the Crone , until the Antediluvians themselves rise and "break their fast on the first part of us" The darkening of the Sun The return of Caine to pass judgment on all Vampires from Enoch , followed by a duel between the Dark Father presumably Caine and the Dark Mother presumably Lilith.

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