The KF is loaded identically with the exception of there being only one high-frequency compression driver, and 8-inch slot-loaded midrange drivers instead of inch horn-loaded ones. The LF drivers are loaded into a proprietary bent-horn, with the horn mouths horizontally separated to the outside of the cabinet in order to provide controlled off-axis cancellations to match the MF beamwidth through the crossover region. The midrange drivers are coupled into a single large-format horn. The HF drivers are coupled to a HF horn coaxially mounted with, and extended by, the midrange horn. The KFs have a horizontal pattern of 80 degrees with a vertical splay of 3 degrees while the KFs have a horizontal pattern of degrees and a vertical splay of 12 degrees.

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We assist companies, associations, and governments in delivering focused messages to their many diverse audiences which are the media, financial community, business leaders, legislative and regulatory decision makers.

How we work : In our headquarters in the Washington, DC area we have assembled a staff of senior communications professionals who possess a range of complementary skills and experience that is rare for a firm our size. Our approach sets us apart from the other communications counselors and PR agencies.

With the evolution of nearly instantaneous global communications and the growth of activism among the media, legislators and consumers, the ability to manage information and events can often mean the difference between success and failure of an important initiative.

We have a worldwide network of media contacts and maintain an ongoing dialogue with reporters and editors at a range of national, general interest, business and electronic media who help form public opinion through their reporting.

Our understanding of the media, of the techniques of information distribution, and of communicating to the diverse attitudes and needs among various audiences, enables us to gain third-party endorsement of products or issues and to build coalitions in the media, board room, or in the halls of congress, that are necessary to affect client goals. Navy in and graduated with honors from the U. Guam, U. Yarnell and the U. Bowen and 90 days on the staff of the U.

LaSalle in Bahrain. Before being discharged from active service in , Mr. Naval Cryptologic Station, Rota, Spain. After the election in , Mr. In , Mr. In Mr. Petersburg, Florida. John Aycoth at the Retirement Dinner for U. Through our network, we assist companies, associates, governments as well as work with the United Nations in delivering focused messages to diverse audiences such as the media, financial community, business leaders, legislative and regulatory decision makers in the United States.


Eastern Acoustic Works

Both include all-new internal components with the latest in EAW transducer technology, as well as a host of new features. From there, the high-frequency section receives a new Orbital Magnet Array OMA compression driver and a newly designed high-frequency horn. The neodymium OMA driver increases the surface area of the magnet, improving both cooling and reliability. In addition, the new high-frequency horn design minimizes throat distortion and offers improved extension and fidelity. This, along with an increase in the enclosure volume, means that the SBzR has vastly improved low-end authority and punch.


EAW KF850 ā€œZā€ Upgrade

These were purchased new by our company and used professionally. They were professionally maintained and tested upon every use and return, and all components maintained to the highest standards. We also have all the cabling, amplifier racks, flybars, and rigging hardware if someone wants a complete system package. First come first serve. We will ship to US addresses only.

BS EN 50164 PDF

EAW KF760 Line Array Speaker



EAW KF850 Loudspeaker


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