EU-OPS does not apply to: Aeroplanes used by customs or police services Parachute dropping and fire-fighting flights and associated positioning Flights before, during and immediately after an aerial work activity provided that the flights before and after the aerial work are connected with that activity EASA rules are legally binding in their entirety rather than minimum standards or recommended practices. For this reason, they are being framed in what is described as a less prescriptive manner than JAR-OPS so that there is an appropriate level of flexibility. However, uniformity will be achieved by the use of AMC documentation. The deadline for establishing compliance with annexes I-V of the Regulation was 28 October

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Gutaur They therefore provide for higher safety levels than required by law. These areas are currently left to the national legislator, leading to different national legal provisions across Europe.

Aesa code is On. All the comments are read and reacted to along the lines of accept reject or note. And made a complete town halls of it. In addition to the legal requirements, Collective Labour Agreements CLAs at company level often include FTL provisions, specifically tailored to the conditions of that company.

Find More Posts by Grasscarp. There is a procedure they have to follow which starts with a notice of proposed amendment NPA which can be commented on by industry, national authorities or the public. Training Finder — Lufthansa Technical Training Rules in Europe [ edit ] Despite their importance for aviation safety, European flight time rules did not exist until recently.

Aviation licenses and certifications Aviation safety. Go back a bit. Add a Poll to this Thread. Its main weakness is that it pos never been subject to a scientific and medical evaluation. Despite their importance for aviation safety, European flight time rules did not exist until recently. Each page contained dozens of comments. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

You may not post new threads. Best wishes, Aero Mad. Questions If you are a professional pilot or your work involves professional aviation please use this forum for questions. EASA take what they call competence over a regulatory area; Airworthiness was first.

Thanks for your help anyway, informative posts from knowledgable people really make PPRuNe what it is. Views Read Edit View history. Dates for implementation set for April but when must the rules be complied by?? From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. May the force be with you! The regulations concern Training, Documentation, Procedures and Compliances in the following categories.

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