The bad: VHS operations are a bit slow; expensive; no Blu-ray compatibility. VHS recording performance proved to be much more defined in quality levels. Obviously, SP yielded the best results, while VP rendered material that was barely watchable. We do have one complaint about the speed of the VHS functionality: seems a bit slower than VCRs we have used in the past.

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Setting up the recorder is a piece of cake. It finds all the Freeview channels fairly quickly, and runs through a few other settings to save you doing it later. General operation is also easy — to switch between the VHS and DVD drives, hit the dedicated Drive Select button on the remote, plus another button labelled Input Select lets you toggle through the external inputs. The operating system revolves around the Functions menu, which boasts a blissfully simple layout.

From here you can access the Setup menu, which covers every conceivable option, as well as the Timer recording schedule and the Copy menu. The latter runs through a step-by-step process for dubbing recordings — first select the source and destination, set the recording mode and then compile a list of recordings to copy when dubbing from VHS to DVD. With the built-in Freeview tuner comes a 7-day EPG, which makes it easy to select programmes to record.

The layout is a lot less cluttered and is organised into a grid structure showing seven channels at a time or you can switch to a portrait single channel view and all the functions are listed at the bottom. You can also search by category, which highlights all the relevant programmes in the grid and shades the rest grey. These allow you to fit between one hour and eight hours on a regular single-layer DVD, or over 14 hours on a dual-layer disc. The deck starts recording instantly after pressing the button and the quality is nigh-on flawless.

Starting with Freeview recordings made onto DVD in XP mode, the resulting images are free from noise, packed with pure, fulsome colours and reproduced with crisp edges. MP3s also sound terrific when played through a good sound system. Trusted Score.


Panasonic DMR-EZ485V Quick Setup Manual

There are better recorders with more features, but the Panasonic has a good tuner, and the minor inconveniences of not being able to eject from the remote and navigate with less complexity are acceptable. On the whole, it helps you create good quality discs at home for playback on any device, and it serves well for a modest cost. Verified purchase: Yes Condition: Pre-owned by mikem 11 Dec, Top critical review Alls well that ends well after a shaky start! It have some issues at first and I almost returned it but after awhile it started working. It could be because these units have some age on them and believe it or not if they are not used on a regular basis they tend to develop problems. Panasonic overall designs great products and once the VHS tape started playing the picture quality was great. Had some issues with the DVD side at first too but after working with it awhile it came to life with first rate video and sound.


Panasonic Diga DMR-EZ48V Manuals


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