Start your review of Darklore Volume 1 Write a review Shelves: nonfiction , esoteric Darklore is a series of essays on the esoteric, weird, and paranormal. The bibliographies and notes are fairly thorough. I got what I wanted from Darklore is a series of essays on the esoteric, weird, and paranormal. I got what I wanted from Darklore: some entertaining reading on esoteric subjects, and a long reading list for digging further. Something about the weird and strange, no matter how implausible, has always appealed to me.

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Turning to shamanism, we readily find a number of examples. A sound almost like a signal or very, very faint transmissions of radio buzzing from somewhere, something like tingling chimes at first, but gradually becoming amplified into a snapping, popping, gurgling, crackling electrical sound. It is interesting to note some research done on the prevalence of this phenomenon, conducted by Horace Beach, Ph. One effect, usually described as most annoying, is the hearing of a continuous buzzing sound inside the ears.

It should also be noted that Shanon cites Goldman in saying that during the ayahuasca trip one may hear "music, the sound of people singing, and the sound of flowing water. He even relates a personal experience in which he was accompanied by "a grand choir of angels". Reichel-Dolmatoff [9] says of the yage ayahuasca experience: "The hallucination has several phases, and during the first the person feels and hears a violent current of air, as if a strong wind were pulling him along.

Interestingly, Devereux also relates that "the locations of oracles were often "hallucinogenic" in that they had roaring water or wind at them.

Turning to the New Testament, we find this narrative during Pentecost: And when the day of Pentecost was fully come, they were all with one accord in one place.

And suddenly there came a sound from heaven as of a rushing mighty wind, and it filled all the house where they were sitting. And there appeared unto them cloven tongues like as of fire, and it sat upon each of them. And they were all filled with the Holy Ghost, and began to speak with other tongues, as the Spirit gave them utterance. On my right were hewers of fiery flames, on my left torches were burning.

There blew around me wind, storm, and tempest, and the noise of earthquake upon earthquake was in front of me and behind me. Interestingly, considering the prevalence of the buzzing sound in multiple experiences, esoteric scholar Manly P. Turning to Islam, we find the traces of these sounds in the very inspiration behind the faith, in the revelations to Mohammed from the Archangel Gabriel: The Prophet heard at times the noise of the tinkling of a bell.

To him alone was known the meaning of the sound. He alone could distinguish in, and through it, the words which Gabriel wished him to understand. There may be a curious parallel here with the "Virgin Mary apparition" and I use the term very loosely of Fatima.

I took care to discern whether it was the Lady speaking. Maria subsequently described this phenomenon, from the June apparition, to another investigator with these words: "Then we began to hear something like this, in the manner of a very fine voice, but what it said could not be comprehended or put into words, for it was like the buzzing of a bee.

And during this silence, he the witness heard, as if coming from the oak tree, a faint voice, similar, he says, to the humming of a bee, but without distinguishing a single word. Another witness described it as "the buzzing of a fly inside an empty barrel, but without articulation of words", and on another occasion as an indefinable sound, heard throughout the duration of the experience, like that which is heard next to a hive, but altogether more harmonious.

And another witness: "I thought I heard at that moment, a little wind, a zoa-zoa sound. While Lucia was listening to a response, it seemed there was a buzzing sound like that of a cicada.

Consider the case of the "Virgin of Guadeloupe", as related by Jacques Vallee: …the apparition took place on December 9th in Mexico. The technology of the BVM was at work! The seer who experienced the visitation in that case — the young girl Bernadette — mentions these sounds in her own testimony: Hardly had I taken off my first stocking, when I heard a sound as though there had been a rush of wind.

I looked around towards the meadow. I saw the trees quite still. So I continued to take off my shoes. Again I heard the same noise. I looked upward towards the grotto. I beheld a lady dressed in white. This is suggestive of some objective source, and is something we will return to. This appears to be confirmed when we survey mystical traditions from around the world, most especially those from the East, which are already well ahead of us in describing these sounds in connection with altered states.

She is the world-bewilderer, gently covering the "door" to the central Great Axis. Like the spiral of a conch shell, her shiny snake-like form is coiled around three and a half times; her luster is like a strong flash of lightning; her sweet murmur is like an indistinct hum of swarms of love-mad bees. Another of the classic yoga texts, Hatha Yoga Pradapika, also describes sounds: In the beginning, the sounds resemble those of the ocean, the clouds, the kettledrum and Zarzara a sort of drum cymbal ; in the middle they resemble those arising fromthe Maradala, the conch, the bell and the horn.

In the end they resemble those of the tinkling bells, the flutes, the vina, and the bees. Moving from Hinduism to Sufism, we find this extremely accurate description of sounds heard during the induced altered states of that particular mystical tradition, as described by the Sufi master Hazrat Inayat Khan: An adept who practices Shaghal, after some time will have an experience of that Shaghal during times when he is not practicing.

He will hear sounds of the sphere in ten forms: in the form of the buzzing of the bees, in the form of the bells ringing in the ears, in the form of whistles blowing, in the form of the fluttering of the leaves, in the form of the running of the water, in the form of the sound of Vina, in the form of the cooing of the wind, in the form of the crashing of the thunder, in the form of the music of the spheres, in the form of the song of the angels.

It pays to revisit this final passage after reading the complete essay — Hazrat Inayat Khan obviously knew his topic! UFOs and Aliens, oh my! Surveying the topic of UFO sightings in regards to the sounds heard is problematic, not least because many UFO proponents will argue that the phenomenon has nothing to do with the paranormal, and that genuine ie. Therefore, roaring, buzzing and humming sounds could well be due to the propulsion systems of these craft whether Earthly or otherwise.

Researcher James McCampbell identified five distinct types of sounds emanating from UFOs in his survey of close encounters [16] , which are strikingly familiar to the sounds we have been discussing: Violent roar, explosion Rush of Air whoosh, swish High Pitch shrill, whistle Signals beeps, pulses One such encounter, which featured two of the above sounds, is the UFO sighting of Charles Early.

Early was raking leaves at his home in Greenfield Massachusetts, under a clear sky, when he heard a "swishing noise" as if a wind storm was coming. He looked up and saw two rings parallel to each other, one on top of the other separated by a distance of about 4 feet.

He estimated the diameter to be about 30 feet and described them as "bright, like polished chrome" and tubular…Early said that when the double ring was directly over him it made a "humming" sound similar to the hum heard when standing under electrical wires. John Keel recounts the tale of Mrs Malley, who was driving home along Route 34 to Ithaca, New York, at around 7pm, when she saw a red light following her — "a disk about the size of a boxcar, with a domed top and square red and green windows…and it made a humming sound, something like the vibration of a television antenna in the wind.

Then I began to hear voices. In a UFO and humanoid sighting report from … …the witness was at a local trash dump looking for old discards when he suddenly heard a "musical" humming sound. Turning around he then saw a strange craft hovering above a fence and partially above the street in front of a church. The object was gray in color with a high dome on top and a slight dome on the bottom.

An opening, like two sliding doors, then appeared. Then two short figures emerged and took positions each on one side of the object, more came out until there were eight abreast. He also compares the sound to that heard in poltergeist activity: A number of revelators and UFO contactees have since mentioned to me that just before the appearance of an entity they were aware of a strange buzzing sound.

John Keel also notes the variety of noises heard, in his book Operation Trojan Horse. For instance, consider this Mothman report. Journalist Rick Moran tells how he interviewed… …an older woman who said she had encountered Mothman in her backyard.

Her property was close to the boundaries of the TNT area and, hearing a buzzing or humming sound coming from the back of her home, she went out to investigate. It was mid-afternoon, and when she opened the back door she found herself face to face with Mothman, hovering about 10 feet in front of her. Her description was detailed, suggesting something more like a machine than an animal. Looking in that direction they beheld a bizarre creature floating and balancing itself above the railroad tracks.

It appeared to be wearing a monk-like smock or coat, dark green in color that emitted intermediate flashes of light under the light rain. Sinistrari, we find this example of entity contact which happened to a young lady: During the following night, while she was in bed with her husband and both were asleep, she found herself awakened by an extremely fine voice, somewhat like a high-pitched whistling sound.

In Fortean Times 31 we find the curious case of the "Wollaton Park Fairies", which occurred in Nottingham at the end of October Several children returning home after playing, heard a sound like a bell and saw coming out of the wooded area about 60 little gnome like men with wrinkled faces and long white beards, they were about 2-foot tall and were riding small bubble-like vehicles.

The beings rode over the swamps near the lake and some chased the children towards the gate of the park. Some of the humanoids wore red hats and green pants and seem to be laughing in a peculiar way.

The children ran from the area. Furthermore, in describing the Wollaton fairy event, Janet Bord adds this seemingly innocuous footnote, based on its similarities to the Wollaton sighting: Over six years before the Wollaton fairies were reported in the media, I had corresponded with Marina Fry of Cornwall, who wrote to me giving details of her own fairy sighting when she was nearly four years old, around Different, but still part of the subset which we have been examining and in view of this, adds some legitimacy to the story.

Further to that, why did the sisters see the same thing, if it was a subjective experience? They are to do with death. Scott Rogo recounts a number of situations which have a similarity to the fairy story above — in that the sound in this case, music , is heard subjectively. Perhaps one of the most interesting is the tale of the final hours of the German philosopher, Wolfgang Goethe.

However, the music was not actually coming from anyone in the house: "So you have heard it too? Since dawn yesterday, a mysterious music has resounded from time to time, getting into our ears, our hearts, our bones. The Countess described it as "a quartet playing fragments of music some way off", Frau von Goethe "the sound of a piano, clear and close by", while others heard "an organ, for the other a choral chant" and another a concertina. Allen says the sounds she heard resembled singing — sweet music without distinguishable words — that she went upstairs directly she heard the music, which continued until she reached the bedroom.

Home: Almost immediately after we had gone to bed and put the lights out, we both heard the music…Home said that the music formed words; that, in fact, it was a voice speaking and not instrumental music. I could hear nothing but the chords like an organ or harmonium played at a distance. We then all distinctly heard, as it were, a bird flying round the room, whistling and chirping, but saw nothing, except Lindsay, who perceived an indistinct form resembling a bird.

There then came a sound as of a great wind rushing through the room, we also felt the wind strongly; the moaning rushing sound was the most weird thing I have ever heard. Home then got up, being in a trance, and spoke something in a language that none of us understood; it may have been nonsense, but it sounded like a sentence in a foreign tongue.

There is some evidence to suggest that these sounds are caused by stimulation of certain parts of the brain. For instance, it is known that sufferers of Temporal Lobe Epilepsy also experience a remarkably similar set of sounds: Simple auditory phenomena such as humming, buzzing, hissing, and roaring may occur if the discharges arise in the superior temporal gyrus; and olfactory sensations, which are usually unpleasant and difficult to define, can signal the start of seizures in the Sylvian region or ento-rhinal cortex.

At face value then, it might be surmised that all of the experiences listed in this essay are simply hallucinations, created by a malfunction of the brain. But a closer examination prompts more questions.

Persinger would have it that some electromagnetic field was present, affecting the brains of all that were in the vicinity, although varying depending on the exposure.

But then how do we explain the Wollaton fairy report, or the tale of Marina Fry, who with her sisters saw the little man in the tiny red car. In both events, the sound was heard by a group, but the same thing was also seen — and in the case of Marina Fry, we have the added complication that the sound was heard differently. Apart from some over-construed physicalist explanation describing a state of group catalepsy or similar , there is a real possibility here that the explanation we must face is that there is another facet to the death experience and also, obviously, to paranormal events in life which is thus far unexplainable.

Such experiences lend weight to the idea that the brain is certainly involved in these border phenomena, but that it is mediating or receiving the experience, rather than creating it as a hallucination.

If so, we are faced with a real mystery — what is the origin of these various phenomena? Whatever it is, it appears to be connected to everything from UFOs and mystical experiences, right through to our fate after death. We would do well to pay more attention to the crossovers between the various branches of paranormal research in future.

He is interested and widely read in topics that challenge the orthodox worldview, from alternative history to the mysteries of human consciousness.


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