Variants[ edit ] There are many variants of this tale. In some versions of the tale the she-mouse is seduced by the answer of the cat , who sweetly meows when asked what he will do at night. In this version the she-mouse marries the cat and she is usually eaten by the cat at the wedding night, though not always. Other variants have a third part in which the he-mouse falls into a broth and dies, and even there is a fourth part, in which all the friends of the she-mouse harm themselves somehow describing their actions with a jingle, because they feel sorry for her.

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Start your review of La Cucaracha Martina: A Caribbean Folktale Write a review Shelves: contemporary-realistic , picture-books , bilingual This one is a colorful book, lively depictingt the Caribbean ways. It shows the typical ways of people interrelating in the This one is a colorful book, lively depictingt the Caribbean ways. It shows the typical ways of people interrelating in the caribbean too: people hanging in the streets, making noise in the corner of the streets cars, motorcycles, chattering , fact that causes trouble to the main character.

These characters are shown as having conscience of their attitudes and behaviors as the main one Martina the cockroach who makes elections according to her principles and things she likes while she shows disdaine to other chacaracters and situations. Difference is shown in the phisical aspect and its characteristic noises of animals in the sense that everyone is diverse and while some might like certain noises, they might appear unconfortable to others.

So Matina has the possibility of election among her pretenders. Material wealth is not acknowledged although it shows the preocupation of being well presented before others as an example of good value; the main character finds right to be arranged in a way of being attractive visually to others.

It shows how sometimes is important for individuals to act in certain ways when interacting with the group, but at the same time how important is to make elections on their own. As far as culture goes, this one book arguably traffics in stereotypes about males. They all are pigs, except one a cricket , which in many other version of this tale, the chosen one by Martina is a mouse.

It shows the implications of doing our best to be the chosen ones, that some differences can be worked out in order to be better accepted, but also that we must trust and follow our instincts when it comes to decide on things that are importanmt for us.


The Vain Little Mouse



La Cucarachita Martina



La Cucaracha Martina: A Caribbean Folktale


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