His grandfather, William — [2] [3] or [4] [5] [6] , had made the family fortune in the maritime trade with Baltic countries , [7] and had twice been elected mayor of Hull. Wilberforce was a small, sickly and delicate child with poor eyesight. He attended an "indifferent" boarding school in Putney for two years. He spent his holidays in Wimbledon, where he grew extremely fond of his relatives. Wilberforce was heartbroken at being separated from his aunt and uncle. Instead he immersed himself in the social round of student life [4] [17] and pursued a hedonistic lifestyle, enjoying cards, gambling and late-night drinking sessions — although he found the excesses of some of his fellow students distasteful.

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Start your review of Real Christianity Write a review Nov 09, Gary rated it really liked it Recommends it for: Those interested in practicing a real, radical Christianity Recommended to Gary by: My wife Shelves: owned , gutenberg After reading this book, I heard the song, Amazing Grace.

The thought which I had was, what does a man do with the life and love God has given to him? This is the depth of question which this book raises in a reader. There are many versions of this book, such as the Real Christianity, edited by James Houston. I read the version from Consequently, it is a harder read than the more modern, sometimes having references and mannerisms more with the times. On the other hand, once I started getting into the book, I believe there was a richness which modern speak does not posses.

I do not believe that we are as obnoxious towards evangelical Christians as the English was then. But we are on that road.

But in many ways we are like the people Wilberforce wrote this book for—those who claim the name Christian, but do not take the actions of Christ. In this way, the book is convicting. How Wilberforce asks do we love Jesus?

This book will be up there to read, particularly as a devotional. It is a book which causes me to search myself and see how I am in my following of Christ. This leads to gratitude and love, not sin and decadence. His main attack is against Cultural Christianity and he spares no words describing the duplicity and hypocrisy of his day by church-going people who show no respect for the authority of God as revealed through His written Word. His arguments are highly relevant for today since there exists a profound Biblical illiteracy among too many Christians who seem to be ignorant as to how to conduct their lives in a manner that honors God.

While I determinedly plowed through this book with its original manuscript, I highly recommend reading a version with updated language. Wilberforce is extremely wordy and he takes a long time expressing his ideas, as brilliant as they are.


Real Christianity

Cuando los ven en los bajos estratos de la sociedad, los ven como algo ofensivo. No se hacen referencias a la escala moral de las clases altas o bajas de la sociedad. Sus escasas nociones sobre la culpa y la maldad del pecado revelan una completa falta de reverencia por la majestad divina. Cada acto distinto de pecado viola igualmente Su ley. Al que es jovial y descuidado, esto le puede parecer duro. Sobre los pecadores que no han sido perdonados, las Escrituras declaran, por otro lado, que "son de su padre el diablo" Juan Mientras que, en la tierra, los hijos de Dios son llamados "sus siervos", y se dice que ellos "hacen sus obras.


William Wilberforce

They made some stir in their day: Learn more cristiansmo opens in new window or tab. Learn more — opens in new window or tab Seller information thrift. It is obvious, that the attentive and frequent consideration of these great doctrines, must have a still more direct tendency to produce and cherish in our minds the principle of the love of Christ. Christianity, again, teaches us not to set our hearts on earthly possessions and earthly honours; and thereby provides for our really loving, or even cordially forgiving, those who have been more successful than ourselves in the attainment of them, or who have even designedly thwarted qilberforce in the pursuit. The literary opposers of Christianity, from Herbert to Hume, have been seldom read.


Revisión de Libro. Cristianismo Real de William Wilberforce.



Cristianismo Real por William Wilberforce


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