Kizuru This would be an alternative to converting each document into a pdf file. The best lenses for Sony mirrorless cameras. Various former PM people told me that PM would be back better than ever under new management. Will any company buy PM like Paperport?

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Malatilar Or am I wrong? Papermzster also looked into Papermaster Pro 7 but as soon as I saw that it needed Activation, that was a deal killer. I stumbled onto it with its predecessor as bundled software. I sent Papermaster an email in April tellling them about the problem and they said they are working on it. Have a large database Cabinets of work. Ask a Question Want to reply to this thread or ask your own question? PM Pro is a poor interpretation of the old PM program. The product has not been mentioned on their corporate website for some time except, interestingly, on their legal page.

They have an inbuilt Papermaster EFX files converter!! I really loved PaperMaster Live 3. FileCenter looks clean and uncluttered, but lacks some of the features of Paperport, such as viewing real thumbnails of the files, as well as the ability lapermaster easily fix scanned files.

Has anyone successfully used a low end flatbed scanner for publication work. I did purchase PM Pro converh or 7? Papermaster 98 runs great on XP. After years of scanning into papermaster, we now want to move on and export all our files to a new program, or just use the simple windows folder structure of filing.

Below is a sequence of efforts I have made to resolve the problem. Payment was made effortlessly but obtaining a key code ncessitated several e-mails to the agent company in Germany!! There is a newer? I have been using the PaperMaster for 15 years, and I found the product had terminated, just today. Antivirus for… Windows XP? I get around the network savvy problem by mapping the destination pappermaster to my PC.

Is there any possibility I can get it from you? Anyone know what software etc and what upgrade steps I need to do to keep this data alive, besides staying with an XP machine? Or is it Euros? Will any company conbert PM like Paperport?

DJI Ronin-S gimbal stabilization system. Almost 6 gigs of data. In that directory will be a file pfc. I was a Papermaster 1 user as I liked the organizing capabilities and the.

Started Sep 17, Questions thread. Various former PM people told me that PM would be back better than ever under new management. PaperMaster Export Tool — FREE A sad end to what was convret for many still is—the best program for scanning documents into folders where you can easily find them again. I still have and use PM 98 a brilliant programme but I did buy PaperMaster Pro 7 with 3 licenses and an official copy on CD, hoping to use it for some years.

Anyone having issues or feeling abandoned by Papermaster and J2 Global need not despair. This is the first time in my 53 years as I can remember when you either got an exchange; repair; or refund if the product was faulty. I reinstalled Papermaster papermasted. Cheers, Brian Sydney, Australia bdh1. The read-only version runs fine under XP Have just discovered this blog and am dismayed to read that Papermaster is dead! Other readers may have better suggestions.

Do you still have a copy of papermaster — Old version — 3. Indeed, Filecentre does many things of which Papermaster was incapable. I explained the password problem to him and after about 25 min, many of them silent ones he said he would e-mail me a link to got to, but never explained what it was or what I was supposed to do.

There were some companies who tried to develop and sell PaperMaster 7 and PaperMaster 8, some years back, that allegedly would pick-up older PaperMater 98 files I have files created with it and and I can not open them. However it sometimes gives ordinal errors in some cases and displays mirror images in the viewer software for which I have no solution.

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PaperMaster Export Utility

If you have problems, see the troubleshooting section below. For most users, this is your best option. More on this below. The utility might find your PaperMaster cabinets automatically. Select the cabinets you want to export.


PaperMaster Export Tool – FREE

Zulkizilkree I backed up my cabinet before reinstalling windows xp due to registry problems. Has anybody come across any solutions to replace it?? When I scan 25 pages at once it comes out as 1 document but I want to file the 25 pages into many different folders. Submit a News Tip! Is PaperMaster Finally Dead? Years of documents and Im unsure what to do with them. Then you would be able to view the documents after the trial vversion license ran out.

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