This is double the passenger capacity that fits into a normal solo city bus. The transport concept of the COBUS ensures the most comfortable, efficient and quickest method of connecting passengers to remote positions. Even retrofitting a passenger compartment with an air conditioning system is possible. Should any of these panels be damaged during tight manoeuvring on the ramp the relevant part can easily be exchanged with very short or even no down time of the vehicle. Simple maintenance procedures can, therefore, be taken care of without the need for workshops and the associated down times. Large rear view mirrors allow an excellent all-round vision in the COBUS — creating perfect conditions for safe and accident-free manoeuvring on the busy ramp area.

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National Aviation Infrastructure Show Really great — thank you! We were able to serve very large orders from the Middle East. COBUS no. Our customer SEA placed their first order for 13 e. He was born in Uzbekistan and due to the language skills and cultural background, he will take over Russian speaking sales territories in the mid-term. Currently, he gets a more in-depth and profound knowledge of the aviation market and is our specialist for electric buses. Otabek studied electrical engineering and information technology BSc and gained professional experience in the sales back office support with Continental AG.

In his spare time, Otabek enjoys going to the gym and doing team sports, particularly football. Also, guitar playing and gardening, especially the cultivation of Bonsai trees, belong to his favorite activities. She studied business engineering with industrial engineering and worked for the GSE industry already before she joined our team.

Laila takes care of our customers on the American continent, in the Netherlands, Ireland and in the United Kingdom. In her leisure time, Laila enjoys any kind of sports that can be done in the air or on the water, e.

Katja supports the head of our sales department as well as all our sales managers in their daily work. In her private life Katja cooks passionately, relaxes with yoga, keeps fit with cycling and skiing and likes to travel to nearby and distant countries. Thanks, Thai Airways, for taking good care of our colleague!

February Chopin International Airport Ready to go! He is available for you at booth no. B and will gladly welcome you there anytime.

Come and visit him! Thanks, Flydubai, for this great service! She enjoyed it a lot! It was taken at Hamburg Airport some days ago. We wish these two silver-grey beauties a good time in the north of Germany!


Cobus Industries

Cobus units have many uses: All buses are sold with a full warranty of 24 months, the same as a brand new unit. Do you think it is stylish? The passenger compartment of the e. COBUS is equipped with three extra-wide doors on both sides for easy and comfortable embarking and disembarking. That is double the amount that fits into a normal solo city bus.



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