Built-in 80GB Hard Drive A built-in 80GB hard drive within the iPF increases productivity by relieving workload from the host PC while providing a large capacity for print job data storage, and retrieval. This 80GB hard drive enables job data to be stored in protected mail boxes for easy access via web browser or at the printer for job re-printing. The embedded hard disk is ideal for medium to large workgroups to share a printer efficiently with multiple users, offering ample job storage space. Users simply follow the programs four easy steps to create posters that can be used in applications such as Office Presentation, Trade Shows, Retail Signage and much more.

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Good news, the service manual says this one is an easy fix. What The Code Means For those that want to know, the 2F1F error means the recovery system has been driven but no sensor interrupt occurs.

The recovery system has been driven to close the cap, but the cap has not been capped successfully. The Fix A simple reboot should do the trick.

Before doing anything, please ensure there is nothing preventing the carriage from properly docking on the right side. To do this, lift the upper cover and and observe. Improper power cycles can cause much larger problems. Once you are certain there are no obstructions, power down the printer. Please wait a few moments before turning the power back on.

If the error clears, congratulations, you are good. If the error comes back, you have a few options. Option 1 Repairing the printer is the favored option when it costs less than replacement. We do recommend having any repairs completed by a Canon Authorized Service Technician. In our experience, this option has the highest success rate.

We recommend finding an independent servicer for models that are no longer supported by Canon. Only as a last resort should you attempt making the repair yourself. Make sure the power supply has been disconnected before attempting any repairs on your own. Electronic devices are capable of causing injury, death, or further damage to the the printer. We strongly recommend hiring a professional If you are not experienced with electronics.

ProPrinting Systems may be available for service or parts. Option 2 If the reboot did not work, this could be a very costly repair. The reason; you have to blindly start replacing parts that may not need replaced, but they have to be ruled out. You may quickly find yourself spending more to repair an old printer than you would spend to buy a new printer and get a new warranty. That means the next time you buy a computer, it may not work with your old, but newly repaired printer. They are sorted by industry for your convenience.

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