Catimor Posted on April 20 Catimor was developed in Portugal in by scientists searching for the magical formula of high yields, high disease resistance and small plant size i. The variety is a hybrid of the Timor Hybrid resistant to coffee leaf rust due to its Robusta genetic roots and Caturra. Catimor was first introduced in Brazil in , but shortly after the plant quickly spread throughout Latin America via experts looking for coffee varieties with high productivity and high yields. At high altitudes and very low altitudes, the plant does not tend to thrive. However, at around to 1, meters it is at its optimal.

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Arasar The flavor includes notes like classic caramel and chocolate. It is worth reminding that the Coffea arabica species has 44 chromosomes, whereas the diploid Coffea canephora specie only has 22; in the catimir the genetic variability is reduced, and so is its ability to combat pests and diseases. Leave a reply Click here to cancel the reply You must be logged in to post a comment.

Coffee Varieties F1 hybrids in Central America are part of an effort by breeders to increase the genetic diversity of varieties in the region since the traditional American varieties are severely genetically constricted.

New, more productive coffee varieties with better taste are being developed constantly all over the world. It was created on the Cfe of Bourbon in the 18 th century. Arabica is cultivated more around the world than Robusta, because of its better flavor. For more information on the history of the Catimor group, see T Variedad Colombia sometimes just Colombia is a hybrid of Caturra, created in Colombia. SL28 and SL34 are some of the most expensive ones, when it comes to raw coffees. It also has distinctive quality features, such as higher bean density and size.

High yielding dwarf variety resistant to coffee leaf rust and coffee berry disease. Nowadays Heirloom has multiple recognizable variants and depending on the village, Heirloom is always slightly different. The variety was never officially released in Brazil, but has become common in Central America. Worldwide shipping Always fresh Happy customers. Nowadays the Geisha from Panama is considered one of the best coffees in the world and has an extremely high price. You must be logged in to post a comment.

Typically, Typicas yield is small, but the quality is extremely high. Obtained from a cross between Caturra and Timor Hybrid varieties, the project was headed by and using line selection method in the segregating and subsequent generations for the progenies F3, F4, F5Castillo is the result of many years of hard work in search of perdurable resistance to rust and higher productivity, with a proved and preemptive resistance to the new threat of CBD.

An important note about F1 hybrids: Control measures based on the use of fungicides are expensive, not always effective and sometimes harmful to the environment, thus affecting profitability. Gariedad Coffee Drying Process is They failed in their given mission, but managed to create the SL28 and SL34 varieties, that have an intensely citrusy, sweet and multidimensional flavor profiles.

However, not all Arabica is a specialty coffee. Subsequently, and already in the presence of rust, Dr. In the descriptions of the coffee we have listed the processing and other available information on top of the variety of the coffee. A compact plant with high yielding potential of standard quality in Central America. The Castillo Variety and its regional compounds are also a demonstration that it is possible to reconcile production costs with an environmentally friendly agriculture.

Catimor is a mix between Caturra and Timor, that was created in Portugal in Multiple variations have been developed from Bourbon. These are further variedax into multiple varieties and different coffees taste completely different based on the growth conditions of the coffee.

Varieties resistant to pests or diseases are, in most cases, the most economical and environmentally friendly alternatives for coffee growers in their quest for profitable and sustainable agriculture. However, Catimor is a great match for the environment in Indonesia and it produces pleasantly herbal flavors. Most of the high quality coffees from Kenya include both of these varieties.

Vigorous and highly productive tall variety with very good cup quality. However, Robustas taste is one-dimensional and bitter. You would like to find on our CCI site?

Quality-wise it is a very close match to Bourbon. All of the most known coffee varieties are Arabica. Bourbon is the other of the two main varieties of Arabica, along with Typica.


Catálogo de Variedades


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Catimor y Sarchimor Cafés Híbridos


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