Product Details BS EN ISO recognizes that there are two somewhat different approaches in the global market to classifying a given wire electrode, and allows for either or both to be used, to suit a particular market need. Application of either type of classification designation or both where suitable identifies a product as classified according to this Standard. One wire electrode can be tested and classified with different shielding gases. This document constitutes a combined specification providing classification utilizing a system based upon the yield strength and the average impact energy of 47 J of all-weld metal, or utilizing a system based upon the tensile strength and the average impact energy of 27 J of all-weld metal.

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BS EN ISO looks at the classification of wire, consumable and welding electrodes for the gas shielded metal-arc welding of unalloyed steels.

Recognizing there are currently two different approaches in the global market to classify a wire electrode, this international standard allows for either or both to be used. Classification systems and designations are based on the chemical composition, yield, tensile and impact strength, and elongation of the all-weld metal. How does this classification help? The mechanical properties of the all-weld test specimens used to classify wire and welding electrodes differ from those in production joints.

This is mainly due to the differences in welding procedures — including electrode size, width of weave, welding position and material composition. BS EN ISO sets out specific requirements for the classification of wire electrodes and weld deposits in the as-welded and post-weld heat-treated conditions. Who should buy it? Organisations dealing with metal treatment and welding Welders specialising in gas metal-arc welding Managers and contractors responsible for wire, consumable and welding electrodes.

Why BSI? We operate in countries and are the number one certification body in the UK and US. Wire electrodes and weld deposits for gas shielded metal arc welding of non alloy and fine grain steels. Classification Status.


BS EN ISO 14341:2008

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