Fenrirn Sign up to your secret to success: Will most people be able to spell the name after hearing it spoken? High-imagery names are more memorable than low-imagery names. Or, get nfumeier for Kobo Super Points! And as much of branding seeks to do, it worked well as I paid a lot for it! Mar 25, Bob Vaez rated it it was amazing. Worthy and helpful — and quick.

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Shelves: business , marketing , branding A concise book of good branding advice. I liked the following advice: Build trust through meeting and exceeding expectations. Use courage and A concise book of good branding advice. What do you do?

Why does it matter? Customers want heroes with flaws. I googled for the best branding books, and this one bubbled to the surface. Notes Introduction We base our choices on symbolic attributes.

What does the product look like? Where is it being sold? What kind of people buy it? Which "tribe" will I be joining if I buy it? What does the cost say about its desirability? What are other people saying about it? Who makes it? If I can trust the maker, I can buy it now and worry about it later. Trust is ultimate shortcut to a buying decision, and the bedrock of modern branding. Customers trust your brand when their experiences with it consistently meet or beat their expectations.

Charismatic brands have a clear competitive stance, sense of rectitude, dedication to aesthetic. There are no dull products, only dull brands. Any brand, backed by enough courage and imagination, can become a charismatic brand.

Morton turns table salt from commodity to premium product by putting a little girl on the package. Differentiate You need unambiguous answers to these questions: Who are you? Features and benefits are still important, but personal identity has become even more important.

Instead of building a brand on USP unique selling proposition , pay more attention to UBS unique buying state of customers.

Avoid "fear of stupid. Smart companies can stand out against this backdrop of stuffed shirts. High-imagery names are more memorable than low-imagery names. Names constructed from Greek and Latin root words tend to be low imagery names, such as Accenture and Innoveda. Names that use Anglo-Saxon words, or names of people, tend to be high-imagery names, such as Apple Computer and Betty Crocker. Some of most powerful names are those that combine well with a visual treatment, to create a memorable brand icon.

Does it stand out from crowd, especially other names in its class? Is it short enough to be easily recalled and used? Does it resist being reduced to a nickname? Is there a reasonable fit with the business purpose? If it would work just as well for another business, skip it. Will most people be able to spell the name after hearing it spoken? Will they be able to pronounce it after seeing it written?

Will people enjoy using it? Names that are intellectually stimulating, or have a good "mouth feel," have a head start. Does it have "legs"? Does it suggest a visual interpretation or lend itself to a number of creative executions? Great names provide endless opportunity for brandplay. Can it be trademarked?

Is it available for web use? Cultivate Instead of trying to present a smooth surface, project a 3D personality, inconsistencies and all.





The Brand Gap


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