I hope you could help me with that. TechPowerUp Review Database First one can be seen in second attachment picture, and another in third and fourth pictures. Die Antwort ist recht einfach: Post on the forums instead! Find More Posts by Scenic.

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Mikaran Dark Power Pro10 W. Straight Power 11 W and W. Be Quiet Straight Power 10 W. Dark Power Pro P8 W. Last edited by wacce; at Straight Power E7 W. If anything it will improve the longevity by installing over rated caps. Find More Posts by wacce. Average score from experts who have reviewed this product. Users — 0 Reviews Average score from owners of the product.

Questions via PM will not be answered. Pure Power 10 CM. Straight Power 10 CM W. TFX Power 2 W. Review Be Quiet! Straight Power CM W. Pure Power 10 W. What a slavery that is — to confuse slavery for light, and bitter darkness for bright light. Straight Power E8 W. Das haben wenigstens wir uns gefragt als das Ew ausgepackt wurde. System Power 8 W. Our category browser page lets you browse through recent Be Quiet!

Since my plug is on wires, which I can have away from the PSU, it also saves having my hands too close to live components. Be Quiet Pure Dw W. The place near the heatsink though is so crammed, that there is practically no change of placing anything of larger diameter than 8mm. Be quiet!

Straight Power E5 W More popular products from the same category. The only way to add a resistor or a pot temporarily to the thermistor is by soldering it in on the bottom of the PCB The attached photos are from a E parts unit.

Reviews of Be Quiet! The attached photos are from a E parts unit. Be quiet Dark Power Pro 10 W. Needs to be a good quality low-esr cap cause the fans on these PSUs literally produce no airflow whatsoever till the PSU is cooking and the fan controller decides to wake up and provide more than just 3V!

System Power S8 W. It prevents startup and can fry 5VSB related components due to them running hot. TOP Related Articles.


be quiet! Straight Power 550W Quad Rail (BQT E5-550W)



be quiet! BQT E5-500W PC Computer Power Supply Unit 500Watt Active PFC Netzteil


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