Plot[ edit ] Boogie meets Marcia at a bar, the girlfriend of the mafia Boss Sonny Calabria, who asks him if he finds her attractive. Boogie points that she is fat in a very rude manner, and leaves. Some time later Calabria is sent to trial, threatened by the existence of a mysterious witness who could incriminate him. Angered by the situation, Boogie decides to kidnap the witness to force Calabria to pay him. Marcia falls in love with this seeming hero, despite his constant violence and lack of feelings, until she finds out his true plans.

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Designed to shock - mostly just shocking in quality. As a mercenary Boogie was a highly trained emotionless killer for hire, criss-crossing the globe looking for random foreign people to fill with holes. Then he ran out of wars. As an assassin he was equally lethal and cold blooded, only the pay per head was more lucrative.

As a lover Boogie is similarly distant and only available to deal on his terms. For some reason this never bothered the lengthy queue of willing women. Boogie is his own man, an uncomplicated beast with no man or woman as his master, living life — and taking the lives of others — the way he wants to, cops, bad guys, women, kids and dogs, none are spared his violent whims. As a film though, Boogie is pretty ordinary, especially when you swiftly realise that the extreme violence and reprehensible nature of the lead character are supposed to be the entertainment.

As an F. Final Rating — 4. Was this review helpful? Sign in to vote. The only thing worse is the voice acting. The story? Every scene is just a new setting for Boogie to deal out excessive and I do mean excessive violence to, well, everybody.

The animation style is passable but nothing memorable.


Boogie El Aceitoso

He is a fictional Vietnam veteran , soldier and bounty hunter, and is used to make parody of racism, violence, nationalism, sexism, which are included as exaggerated character traits. His comic strips were collected in 10 books, and in a complete Todo Boogie "All Boogie". An animated movie of the character was made in Publication history[ edit ] Boogie was created by Roberto Fontanarrosa in the s, as a comedic parody of Dirty Harry.


Boogie, el aceitoso


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