Key Features: In nine volumes and nearly 10, pages, it is the first Gujarati Gyankosh published after an extensive exercise of 27 years. It provides extensive, exhaustive and rare information on every subject, word and name. Nine volumes include 28, idioms and more than 10, proverbs. It is a golden-treasure for our mother tongue Gujarati.

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Evolution of Dictionary Bhagwadgomandal - A Historical Perspective The year is a milestone in the history of Dictionary making in Gujarati language; not that no dictionaries were created earlier, or that the dictionaries available till then were not reliable.

It is still the dictionary recognized by both for spellings. But , was the year in which Gujarati language got a unique dictionary, say an encyclopedic dictionary. That was the year when Vol. And what a lexicon! The first Volume has pages each of the size 12 inches by 8. The last volume was published in the year Gujaratis were happy that their language had such a unique encyclopedic lexicon. Their only and great regret was that the creator of this master piece, Maharaja Bhagwatsinhji, the King of Gondal State, passed away on 9th March at the age of 78 in the year in which the first volume saw the light of the day.

Many thought that he might have made up his mind not to leave this world till he presented this lexicon to his Gujarati brethren. Such was his love for his mother tongue! Well, he was not able to see the published work with his own eyes but his name is written with golden letters in the history of Gujarati lexicon.

How earnestly he must have desired to have an introduction to his mammoth work by Gandhiji! He had requested him for an introduction. Gandhiji expressed his inability to grant his request, nonetheless two lines Gandhiji wrote in reply must have been greatly satisfying to him and those two lines also indicate how highly Gandhiji was impressed by his work. Gandhiji wrote: "I do not have the ability to write an introduction.

But I am astonished at your enterprise. I do believe it will be a great service to mother tongue. Drumand, a medical doctor as early as He was a Government officer.

His full name was Doctor Robert Drumand. No definite information as to when he was born is available. However, after obtaining in a Certificate of Corporation of Surgeons C. He had worked as doctor in Vadodara as well as in Amadavad. In he obtained the M. He was appointed as Surgeon General in Mumbai on February 1, He worked as Surgeon General till But destiny was quite different.

The steamer he was travelling by dived down in the ocean on 14 March The disaster resulted in loss of lives of whoever were in the steamer, and naturally Dr. Robert Drumand was one of them. The dictionary prepared by Dr. Drumand was indeed, a tiny one of only words, giving equivalents of these Gujarati words. The idea was to help Englishmen in India to understand and if so desired, to learn Gujarati.

It also gave grammar of Gujarati, Marathi and English languages. Dictionaries were attempted and prepared in , , , but even in the last one the number of words were The first major and noteworthy attempt was by Kavi Narmad Poet Narmad in He devoted 12 years of his life to this project single handedly.

But the work came to a stop for want of finance. Ultimately, Narmkosh, a complete dictionary was published in This is the first systematic attempt to create a dictionary in Gujarati. It has words with corresponding synonyms or explanation of what the word means.

The fact that it covers all subjects and the scientific precision exercised entitles it to claim the honour of being the first lexicon of Gujarat language. He had declared Gujarati as state language for his state spread over four districts of Gujarat - Baroda, Navsari, Mehasana and Amreli.

All acts of the state were passed in Gujarati. State correspondence was in Gujarati. All judgments, orders and examinations of witnesses were in Gujarati. This was true even for State High Court located at Baroda. He entrusted the work of preparing a Marathi dictionary of administrative words to his favourite and capable minister Raghunath Pant who was well versed and competent for such a project. He was greatly agitated by the fact that there was no uniformity, no system for the spelling words of his mother tongue, Gujarati.

Common man did not bother about it. It was no problem to him. He rarely needed to take up the pen [rather a pencil or a holder] but only once in a while to write few lines to a relative on post card. He would have his own spellings and would be happy, if what he wrote conveyed his message to the person concerned. The situation as then obtained in this respect should have problem for literatures.

But most of them had their own ideas rather fancies and unfortunately they widely differed. Each followed its own system. This was, indeed, an issue, in fact a real issue before Gujarati Sahitya Parishad All Gujarat Association for Gujarati language established in The issue was briefly touched by the first President Shri Govardhanram Tripathi, and also by some Presidents who followed him.

But it remained an issue till Gandhiji decided to bring an end to this sordid state in respect of spellings of Gujarati words. This note is a precious ornament for the dictionary and is proudly displayed in each of its edition. And why not? The first edition gave only words alphabetically as they should be spelled as per the rules framed for the purpose. Giving meanings of the words was not even contemplated initially. Gandhiji had entrusted this work to three of his most trusted lieutenants namely Kaka Saheb Kalelkar, Mahadevbhai Desai and Naraharibhai Parikh, who were all scholars.

All words included in it were spelled in conformity with these of rules. Within just a year or so, the copies were sold out and it became necessary to bring out second edition. It will not be a real service to the people. So they thought, "If not elaborately, at least meaning expressing the sense in which people mainly use and understand the word should be given.

In a way, this is a unique dictionary among the dictionaries of the languages of the whole world. No such dictionary, to the best of our knowledge, exists in any other language of the world where stress is on spellings of words and their meanings have second priority.

The latter two, namely Narmad and Gandhiji were not kings in the sense that none had a kingdom. But were they not kings? Did they not rule the hearts of contemporary Gujaratis then and will they not rule the hearts of Gujaratis of all times to come?

No doubt one reason is that it is blessed by a person no less than Gandhiji. Second, it is not voluminous. Unlike Bhagwadgomandal, it is a single book - how convenient! Thirdly, because he can afford to buy it, as it is very reasonably priced.

Both are non-profit-making organizations. Gujarat is fortunate to have two book-publishing organizations - Navjivan and Sastu Sahitya Vardhak Karyalaya, the later established by Bhikshu Akhandanandaji. What a saint he was! The very purpose of these two organizations is to make available to common Gujarati reading public good books at a very reasonable price.

Gujarat is proud of them. Only other known such organization is Gita press, Gorakhpur. Its publications, of course, are religious books like Gita and are unbelievably low priced. No doubt for spellings it is a landmark work. Its first edition had words, second , third , fourth some more but not substantial and fifth Since then that is , no new edition is brought out; the fifth edition has been repeatedly printed six times. Only recently in the year , a supplement is published.

The purpose of bringing out this supplement is to incorporate into Sarth sizable number of words of other languages, especially English, which are very commonly used today by Gujaratis in their writings or talk. This is a very important addition; still number of words so added is around Needless to say that Sarth does not give all meanings of a word included in the said dictionary. Kaka Saheb Kalelkar himself has said in the introduction of the second edition that only main meanings of the words are given.

He has further said that it was their ardent desire to tackle this aspect also as soundly as that of spellings. Naturally they could not achieve that. The reason is obvious that it was the time of Dandi March.

Second edition was published in Naturally this trio had neither time nor convenience to devote themselves substantially, if not totally, to this aspect.



This dictionary cum encyclopedia was created by Chandubhai Bahecharbhai Patel with the inspiration and active support from King Bhagavadsinghji [1]. Both were concerned that the language had no major dictionary to speak of despite centuries of rich cultural and literary heritage. It took more than 27 years of effort to collect all[ citation needed ] the words of Gujarati language and their definitions. The King and his team took an effort to collect the words not only from Gujarati, but also from the dialects spoken in various parts of Gujarat, such as Kutch , Kathiyawaad , North and South Gujarat. The whole project was supported by many literati, poets, historians, teachers and authors of that time. Three generation of Bhagavadsinhji continued their support[ citation needed ] for this mammoth task.



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