Playing time minutes BattleForce was originally created by FASA Corporation , a wargame set in the BattleTech universe designed to allow the simulation of larger-scale actions. Normal BattleTech game play usually is set up for small encounters up to 12 units per side. Though large battles are possible using the normal games rules for BattleTech, the game can consume a lot of time to play. BattleForce was designed to remedy this problem. The game allows wide use of units vehicles, Battlemechs, air vehicles, etc.

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The Game World. Where novice and veteran Mechwarriors come to try their hand at fame and fortune — or go down in flames, forgotten and penniless. This tournament attempts to immerse participants in the glitz, glamour, danger, and risk of arena combat and the ever-fickle attention of the audience. The brutality of Mech combat takes second seat to the all-important make-or-break attitude of the audience.

Players in this tournament participate as a pilot, gaining Fame and Wealth based on showmanship, battlefield savvy, and experience while participating in combat, sponsorship, and stable membership. Genetically engineered and bred for centuries for honor and glory, Clan warriors lust for a Bloodname for years and many never make the cut.

Can you win the Trial of Bloodright? You can use this PDF to print some of your own. It probably helps if you can also print it on cardstock, or thicker paper.

Now, three of the maps promised in IO are now available for free download below. Inner Sphere at War Hex Map: Capturing the borders and political affiliations of the Inner Sphere at the end of the Third Succession War, this map presents the perfect springboard for playing out the Fourth Succession War or making your bid to put your chosen House on top!

Inner Sphere at War Hex Map: With the planets and borders on the eve of the First Succession War, this map puts you in the position to correct the mistakes of the past and claim your place as the First Lord of the Star League for one of the Houses.

Representing the Inner Sphere on the eve of the Second Succession War, this map is the best way to start your path to becoming the First Lord as war once more consumes the Inner Sphere. The following documents can be used to catch up on the events, personalities and changes of the new setting.








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