Hence the name: The Art of Smokology. From starting your fire, to buying, selecting, trimming and smoking meats. Also chapters covering terms, rub making, sauce making, brining and the proper procedures for smoking seafood. If you are looking for a smoking book to help you get started OR enhance your current smoking hobby, this is the book for you. Sure to cut your learning curve by 2 -3 years. McPeake opens the book by discussing different types of smokers.

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Hence the name: The Art of Smokology. From starting your fire, to buying, selecting, trimming and smoking meats. Also chapters covering terms, rub making, sauce making, brining and the proper procedures for smoking seafood. If you are looking for a smoking book to help you get started OR enhance your current smoking hobby, this is the book for you.

Sure to cut your learning curve by 2 -3 years. McPeake opens the book by discussing different types of smokers. McPeake says bigger is not better. I would also add that more expensive is not necessarily better either as you can achieve great results with an inexpensive water smoker. No smoker? No problem. McPeake also explains how you can use your kettle grill It does work well with a gas grill once you get your technique down.

McPeake provides a list of different wood types and the tastes they will provide. I love apple wood with chicken, it gives it a great flavor. Very good, funamental and advanced smoking book. Finally a book on just Smoking, one of the Best!

By Jonathanbbq on Nov 03, Since getting into the bbq world, I have purchased many books on this subject. I can honestly say that this book, since receiving it, is a gem! The whole book is all about smoking, not any stories about himself or grilling. It is truely a book about the art of smoking.

He does a great job in breaking down the things to do before you get to the smoker, what happens during the process and how to change or improve your results, and what to do after the process. I have even email the chef and received a respond to one of my questions and in a timely manner. The book covers all the basic meats of smoking and then touches on the harder to do items, like expensive cuts of meats and the always hard to do seafood. His section on seafood brining and smoking is one of my favorite chapters.

If you are looking for a book that cuts through all the hype and stories about themselves and just focues on the Art, this is the book for you!! It is not a pretty book, but it is a great book for producing some awesome bbq! Taking the guesswork out of the smoking process By T. Ohlsson on Sep 01, Smoking meat is not a trivial process, as I learned when I bought my first smoker. My first attempt was a disaster, producing a burned, woody, unpleasant product. In fact, it was so bad, I had thoughts of never firing up my smoker again.

But, after my wife bought this book for me, and I read the "basics" chapters, I immediately realized the several mistakes I made. If you struggle to produce a well-smoked product or are interested in improving your technique, I highly recommend this book! No other book has been as helpful as this one for me.

By Smoking Dave on Jul 13, I have been producing much improved smoked bbq since recieving my book. The information and techniques are very sound and taught me things that I would never have know as a beginner. I believe the book has help me to shave years of trial and error from my learning. I am also enjoying all the different recipes on sauces, rubs, marinades, meats and the side dishes. The "Zesty" backyard Beans are awesome.

My smoked fish products have improved greatly, since learning about the important steps to take before smoking your seafood. Clear and Useful By M. This book is by far the best. It goes straight to the point, is clear and easily understood, and does not try to be cute or folksie. The recipies are tasty, but the organization of the sub recepies are a bit cumbersome; not enough to detract from the excellent reference that the book represents.

Basic explainations of the "how to" are matched with the "why to" giving the reader the foundations to grow their understanding of what works when. Some good references, but not much for the beginner.

By Christopher M. Raiti on Dec 24, Not a good first book for smokers; this book provides precious little information for the beginning smoker. While the author starts off with basic information, he quickly skips to advanced recipes.

There are very few basic recipes for the beginner found on these pages. I also find the author to be a bit jaded and unwilling to accept any methods of cooking other than his own. If you are an experienced smoker looking to pick up a few new recipes, you may benefit from this book. A Quality Book! By Fubar on Aug 11, This book is a super reference book to have on your shelf I even e-mailed the author and he answered back with advice The How To and Bible of Smoking.

This is the only book you will ever need to learn the craft. By Foodie on Jun 06, I cannot say enough about this book. It is not your typical cookbook. It is definitely not your typical bbq book. This book focuses on Smoking. The science of smoking, the technical aspects of smoking, the hobby of smoking, how to smoke, different woods, different grills yes, even how to use your gas grill as a smoker , and of course tried and true recipes. This book will introduce your into the world of smoking, for me it was a book that has taken me to a new level of smoking.

I am the envy of the block. It is easy to follow. I understand better now why the flavors turn out the way they do, how to repeat good batches and how best to test new ideas.

This book focuses on the technology and science behind smoking. This is the how to and bible on smoking. And Chef McPeake proves he is truly the master of his craft. I would also recommend purchasing the rubs right from his site. That saved me a lot of time of making my own batch, plus his are award winning and tasty.

Also, his recipes are original and tasty and not tested on a grill but through smoking techniques I have tried many successfully. So if you want a sure proof no nonsense way of learning about using a smoker or to take your game to a whole new level this book is for you. I also use it to impress my friends and show up the other smokers I know. By Jammin Jim on Jun 06, I have had this book for a while and refer to it each time I have a question.

If you are looking for pretty, that it is not. For a self authored book no publisher included this book has it flaws, but the information in this book regarding The art of smoking is almost matched by none.

This book is all about smoking, nothing in it is about grilling. One of the first books I have bought that really focuses on this fashion of cooking. The recipes are very good and loaded with flavors and different ways of doing the same item. It has a very good section on meat tips and buying and the chapter on the brining chicken and the secrets to smoking seafood hot smoking are very good!

The Jambayala Rice is awesome! I agree with the national book reviews on this book, not pretty, but a important manual to have on your shelf if you are interested in this art! You can not go wrong with this one! If you are going to smoke, you must have this book By Dkegs on Nov 05, The recipes are the best, but the insight on smoking techiniques is why you have to have this book. It teaches you so much. How often does that happen? Solid 1 Choice!

By Pbota on Aug 09, Very simple ingredient recipe book and one that my lifetime chef liked to use I borrowed his and after browsing through the book and seeing how simple the recipes were with normal spices, I had to have my own. I have now cooked several different items out of the book and all of them have tasted great and were easy to prepare with the use of this book. Everyone that writes one has a point of view. What I have found is you really need a core of three books I have found helpful and then possibly two more.

Also there is a lot on the web, but there is one site I have found particularly helpful. I have tried smoking before with bullet grills with some success, but it takes a lot of minding. I finally broke down and bought the Texas Traeger pellet grill just for smoking. I love it. Now the problem is most cookbooks on smoking do not address this type of smoker head on so if you want to lean how to really use one I have found you need to look at a variety of sources.

Here is my take: Once you understand temperature in relation to smoke and timing you can translate any indirect recipe to a pellet grill or any other type of smoker. Here are the books that I have found most helpful in descending order.



There are good reasons for it; this is one of the best basic barbecue books you can find on the market today. This book does not have anything fancy; you will not find a lot of recipes calling for high-class ingredients or complex preparation. You also will not find many of the glossy mouth-watering photographs that are so common in cookbooks today. What you will find is information, and plenty of it. This is the barbeque cookbook for those aspiring cooks who need step-by-step instructions. If you are more advanced in your cooking skills, you will still find more than enough value in the recipes to justify the purchase price, but the book is aimed at the novice who needs as much basic information as possible.


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