But alas it was time to try the big brother of the cs64u. Intel Desktop Board This user manual is provided to help you get the most from your csa. Find the office and computer equipment manual you need at manualsonline. The aten csa is a dual function 4port ps2 usb vgaaudio kvmp switch combined with a 2port usb hub that allow users to access four computers from. Csa csa user manual ii fcc information federal communications commission interference statement. Csa csa user manual ii emc information federal communications commission interference statement.

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Powering Off and Restarting If it becomes necessary to Power Off the unit, before starting it back up you must do the following If you wish, you can give one computer the KVM console focus, another the USB hub focus and the other two the audio focus.

This allows you to monitor the computer activity without having to take the trouble of switching from port to port manually. Press and hold down [Num Lock]. To switch to the alternate HSM invocation set, do the following: 1. Invoke HSM see page To toggle the Beeper, do the following: 1. Toggles between the default and alternate Port Switching keys.

The emulation mappings are listed in the table below. The corresponding functions are shown in the table below. New firmware upgrade packages are posted on our web site as new firmware revisions become available. From a computer that is not part of the KVM installation go to our Internet Run the downloaded Firmware Upgrade Package file — either by double clicking the file icon, or by opening a command line and entering the full path to it. Page Upgrade Succeeded 6.

The Firmware Upgrade Utility 4. After you have made your device selection s , Click Next to perform the upgrade. If this occurs, to recover, do the following: 1. Save them for future reference. Follow all warnings and instructions marked on the device.

Do not place the device on any unstable surface cart, stand, table, etc. If the device falls, serious damage will result. Do not use the device near water. Never push objects of any kind into or through cabinet slots. They may touch dangerous voltage points or short out parts resulting in a risk of fire or electrical shock. Page Troubleshooting Appendix Troubleshooting Operation problems can be due to a variety of causes. The first step in solving them is to make sure that all cables are securely attached and seated completely in their sockets.

We have specifically modified the shape of these connectors so that only KVM cables that we have designed to work with this product can be connected. This manual is also suitable for:.


4-Port PS/2-USB VGA/Audio KVMP™ Switch



ATEN CS1734A: 4 Port USB KVM Switch SUN MAC Support



KVM Switches. Computer sales South Africa


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