He was also manager of the Karlskrona shipyard Chapman is credited as the worlds first person to apply scientific methods to shipbuilding and is considered to be the first naval architect. Chapman was the author of Architectura Navalis Mercatoria and several other shipbuilding-related works. His Tractat om Skepps-Byggeriet "Treatise on Shipbuilding" published in is a pioneering work in modern naval architecture. He was the first shipbuilder in Northern Europe to introduce prefabrication in shipyards and managed to produce several series of ships in record time.

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Chapman was born in at Nya varvet the New Shipyard in Gothenburg and died in at Karlskrona, and his whole life was dominated by ships and shipbuilding.

He pursued his career at shipyards both in Sweden and abroad, studying mathematics and physics in Sweden and England. Chapman was involved in the development of Sveaborg, the fortified naval base off Helsinki.

He devised several new types of vessel, specifically designed for operation in the archipelagos off the Swedish and Finnish coasts. At the age of 60, he was appointed head of the Swedish naval dockyard at Karlskrona, where he not only took charge of vessel design, but also restructured the entire shipbuilding process. As a result, in the space of only three years, the yard was able to deliver 20 new vessels - 10 ships of the line and 10 frigates.

The work was published in The book contains 62 copper engravings depicting vessels and craft from both Sweden and abroad. Some were designed by Chapman himself, but many of them were vessels or types which he had encountered on his travels, or seen around him, and which had attracted his interest.

The book covers everything from warships to cargo boats and small fishing craft. From the very beginning, the publication was intended for an international audience, and the table of contents accompanying the work was available in Swedish, French and English. The scale of each drawing was also shown in Swedish, French and British feet. During the 20th century, new impressions or facsimile editions have been published in Sweden, Britain, Germany and France.

Nevertheless, the book remains rare, and anyone wanting to read it may have difficulty in getting to a library which owns a copy. The illustrated part of the book was intended to be followed immediately by a descriptive and explanatory text, but for various reasons there was a delay of seven years before the text was published. When it did appear, it was as one of the chapters in a book entitled "Tractat om Skeppsbyggeriet". Although the book was entitled "A Treatise on ship-building: with explanations and demonstrations respecting the Architectura Navalis Mercatoria", the particular chapter containing the explanatory text on Architectura Navalis Mercatoria is missing from the English translation.

Fredrik Henrik af Chapman online.


Architectura Navalis

The book is loaded with period ship plans from the age-of-sail, including frigates, schooners, sloops, cutters and much more. Architectura Navalis Mercatoria is a must-have for anyone interested in the history of ships. A first edition is well beyond reach for most people, but fortunately, a new facsimile edition gets published every few centuries. It turns out, this is often enough to keep the second hand prices at a reasonable level for most of us. Especially if you consider what you get for your money. The Mercatoria for short, has very little text. In fact, the only text is on a title page with a large period "harborscape" and an index page of the 62 plates that make up the book.


Architectura Navalis Mercatoria

Architectura navalis mercatoria Фредрика Чапмена Адаптированная подборка материалов эта работа известного шведского кораблестроителя и теоретика судостроения Фредрика Хенрика Чапмена Fredrik Henrik Chapman , изданная в далеком году, хорошо знакома судостроителям, историкам, судомоделистам - всем, кто в силу своих должностных обязанностей или личных пристрастий интересуется вопросами корабельной архитектуры. Эта подборка включает в себя данные и графические материалы о парусных и только парусных! С другой стороны, здесь нет данных и материалов сторонних авторов за исключением некоторых схем парусного вооружения, взятых из известной работы К. Марквардта, в случаях, когда они полностью соответствуют схемам Ф. Чапмена , а также редакторских домыслов и заключений. Другими словами, в представленной здесь интерпретации работ Ф. Чапмена всего лишь сделана попытка объединить разбросанную информацию и адаптировать ее под российского пользователя and nothing more!


Architectura navalis mercatoria Фредрика Чапмена


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