The functionality can be divided into the following distinct layers: Presentation layer[ edit ] Apache OFBiz uses the concept of "screens" to represent the Apache OFBiz pages. Each page is, normally, represented as a screen. A page in Apache OFBiz consists of components. A component can be a header, footer, etc. When the page is rendered all the components are combined together as specified in the screen definition.

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OFBIZ Fixes: Test integration were failing if plugins directory is empty due to dependent data on projectmgr component. OFBIZ Fixes: Drop-ship process behaves incorrectly when a combination of drop-ship and non-drop-ship products are added to cart. As per the recent discussion, the community has decided that The idea is to provide minimal Java version support. It will give users enough time to plan, test and migrate to newer Java version. Though the community will continue to make codebase forward compatible.

Please refer to Mail thread. Job prioritization Job prioritization allows specifying a priority for a job thus JobPoller queue them accordingly. It will help important jobs to be prioritized over normal jobs, and low priority jobs can be left until last.

The feature is committed to trunk thus it will be available in future releases after unreleased Thank you so much, Scott Gray, for initiating and putting efforts in this direction, and to everyone who contributed to this effort Using code instead of code39 for barcode generation Currently, OFBiz uses code39 to generate barcodes but there are some limitations associated with it.

To enhance the support for more characters in the barcode community decided on using code instead of code It is more concise and space-efficient. It provides its users with higher degree of data security. Thanks, Pawan Verma for initiating the discussion and to everyone who participated by providing their valuable inputs.

Thanks, Suraj Khurana for initiating the discussion and to everyone who participated by providing their valuable inputs. OFBiz Statistics Apache Kibble tracks some Apache OFBiz community statistics on its demo instance, so we have highlighted a few of our stats for the last month: JIRA Issue Tracker: issues were opened and 71 issues were closed 15 different people helped to close these issues Code Change and Commit Activity: Framework: commits to the code base that changed 11, lines of code 13 committers were active Plugins: 48 commits to the code base that changed lines of code 5 committers were active Mailing Lists: Dev: emails sent and 41 topics discussed 36 different people User: emails sent and 56 topics discussed 40 different people New features and improvements Functional enhancements and improvements as well as updates of third party libraries and source code refactoring: Framework Adds the possibility to prioritize Jobs to count in which is more important than other.

It will not be displaing when there is no item present over Quote Prices Screen. Uses code instead of code Similar values were reflected twice on Add Action Type dropdown in Pricerule.


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