This book is a well organized and complete how-to guide to building a Whizbang feather plucking machine. A Whizbang plucker will pick the feathers off chickens, ducks, turkeys and geese in a matter of seconds. Just turn the machine on, drop one or more scalded birds into the tub and watch as rubber fingers flail the feathers off whithout damaging the birds skin. Every component needed to make the machine is thoroughly discussed and the construction process is carefully detailed, step by step. There are 62 clear drawings.

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Thus began a small home industry. The primary plucker component I make and sell is called a featherplate. The featherplate is a round disc positioned at the bottom of the plucker. It is studded with lots of rubber plucker fingers and spins around. When a scalded bird is dropped into the plucker it tumbles around and the fingers flail the feathers off.

My plucker planbook tells you exactly how to make a featherplate. People have made plates out of plywood, solid oak boards glued together, and even recycled aluminum stop signs. The following picture is of one of my key employees. His name is James. He is my year-old son.

I do that because the Whizbang plucker parts manufacturing facility does not have a dock where tractor trailer trucks can make deliveries. James and I load the heavy sheets of plastic onto my little trailer and bring them to our manufacturing facility, which happens to be located next to our house on our little homestead out in the countryside here in the beautiful Finger Lakes region of upstate New York. Ten sheets of HDPE will make 80 featherplates. When we get the plastic home, we cut it into 2-foot by 2-foot squares with a saw and stack them in the factory.

Each plate then goes through a carefull step manufacturing process before it is done. My other key employee is my year-old son, Robert. Last summer I walked into our factory and took the following picture of a very diligent Robert drilling finger holes in one of many featherplates.

As you can see the Whizbang manufacturing facility is just a small and very crowded workshop. But it is still a serious shop—-my sons and I produce carefully-crafted featherplates. Notice that he is sitting on a plastic lunch box which is on top of a stool.

And I also mount a reinforcing plate on the bottom of the featherplate. This next picture shows a completed featherplate with attached shaft. The plucker fingers I recommend in my book are designed to grip a thinner plate so, as you can see, each finger hole is countersunk on the bottom of the plate.

This next picture shows a top view of the finished plate. An idler arm is needed to put pressure on the drive belt that runs the plucker. I tell how to make and install the arm in my book, and I sell an idler arm hardware kit as shown in the next photo.

Whizbang pluckerbuilders are an exclusive group of very special people and I felt that we needed to identify ourselves as such. The yellow safety sticker in the middle of the picture will fit nicely on the 2x4 rails of your plucker. All the stickers are made of the finest UV and weather resistant vinyl. Some of the information above is outdated.


Tub style mechanical chicken plucker

Anyone can build a tub-style mechanical chicken plucker [] If you leave them in too long the fingers will start to beat the skin mechanicsl Share on Pinterest Share. Oct 23, Pegg rated it it was amazing. I like the tweeks you added — the wheels and the angled bucket that catches the water. Also, scalding the bird correctly, before plucking, makes a big difference. Books by Herrick Kimball.


Anyone Can Build a Tub-Style Mechanical Chicken Plucker


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