Kazigal Because the op amp senses the load voltage, the op amp loop control forces the output to compensate for the wiring error and to produce the correct voltage at the load. ADR Load Regulation vs. One Technology Way, P. BoxAdrbr, MAU.

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Kazigal Because the op amp senses the load voltage, the op amp loop control forces the output to compensate for the wiring error and to produce the correct voltage at the load. ADR Load Regulation vs. One Technology Way, P. BoxAdrbr, MAU. ADR Minimum Headroom vs.

ADR Supply Current adrbr. BuriedZener references require more than 5 V headroom for operations. D is the decimal equivalent of input code. TURN-ON TIME Upon application of power cold startthe time required for the output voltage to reach its final value within a specified error band is defined as the turn-on settling time.

The noise measurement is made with a band-pass filter made of a 2-pole high-pass filter with a corner frequency at 0. Although this product features proprietary ESD protection circuitry, permanent damage may wdrbr on devices subjected to high energy datashet discharges. Therefore, the load current is furnished by VIN. B Information furnished by Analog Devices is believed to be accurate and reliable.

Analog Devices, Inc. Therefore, proper ESD precautions are recommended to avoid performance degradation or loss of functionality. Due to the microscopic movement of the mirrors, not only is the precision of the converters important, but the noise associated with these controlling converters is also extremely critical, because total noise within the system can be multiplied by the number of converters employed. Adjustment of the output has negligible effect on the temperature performance of the device.

The op amp must be dual supply, have low offset and rail-to-rail capability, if negative supply voltage is close to the reference output. Universal Changes to the Ordering Guide This slope is essentially constant to the dielectric constant of silicon and can be closely compensated by adding a correction term generated in the same fashion as the proportional-to-temperature PTAT term used to compensate band gap references.

The disadvantage to this approach is that the largest single source of error in the circuit is the relative matching of the resistors used. IPTAT is the positive temperature coefficient correction current. However, the Kelvin connection of Figure 35 overcomes the problem by including the wiring resistance within the forcing loop of the op amp. This is also helpful if the part is used in a system at temperature to trim out any error. Stresses above those listed under Absolute Maximum Ratings may cause permanent damage to the device.

Figure 40 shows the ADR used as the precision reference for this converter. B Added New Grade The drift in subsequent 1, hour periods is significantly lower than in the first 1, hour period. The AD is a bit ADC with on-chip digital filtering intended for the measurement of wide dynamic range and low frequency signals such as those representing chemical, physical, or biological processes.

In order not to defeat the accuracy obtained by ADR43x, it is imperative to match the resistance tolerance as well as the temperature coefficient of all the components.

N is the number of bits. The circuit in Figure 30 illustrates the basic configuration for the ADR43x family of references. VREF is the applied external reference. Ripple Rejection Ratio Rev. A negative reference can easily be generated by adding a precision op amp and configuring it as shown in Figure These narrow lines can cause large voltage drops if the voltage reference is required to provide load currents to various functions.

D is the decimal equivalent dwtasheet the input code. ADR Line Regulation vs. In this example, OP can deliver a maximum of 10 mA. Load Current Figure G is the gain of the reciprocal of the divider ratio.

Temperature adrnr —25 2. The exceptional low noise, tight temperature coefficient, and high accuracy characteristics make the ADR43x ideal for low noise applications such as cellular base station applications.

A negative voltage reference is then desirable from the standpoint that an additional operational amplifier is not required for either re-inversion current-switching mode or amplification voltage-switching mode of the DAC daasheet voltage. Figure 29 shows the basic topology of the ADR43x series. B Page 10 of 24 18 4.

In many current-output CMOS DAC applications where the output signal voltage must be of the same polarity as the reference voltage, it is often required to reconfigure a currentswitching DAC into a voltage-switching DAC through the use of a 1. B Dagasheet 11 of 24 10 —25 0 —40 1.



Price Rohs Orders from Analog Devices. BoxNorwood, MAU. Model The model number is a specific version of a generic that can be purchased or datsaheet. Very High DC Precision.







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