Now with full-color illustrations to improve clarity, ACI includes major technical changes in higher reinforcing steel yield strengths; the addition of shotcrete and deep foundation provisions; seismic requirements for deep foundations and other applications; vertical seismic motions; nonlinear analysis for seismic design; modification to development length equations; and updated shear design provisions and equations. A variety of other industry needs are now addressed in ACI , including updates to provisions on post-tensioning, precast concrete, concrete durability, lightweight concrete, and more. It is anticipated that the final code requirements of ACI will be referenced in the International Building Code. The United States and countries around the world base their national building codes on all or part of ACI Versions are currently available in English with inch-pound units and in Spanish with SI units — additional versions and languages will be available soon. Additionally, the Institute is hosting public and in-house seminars to introduce users to ACI — visit concrete.

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Viber The "Building Code Requirements for Structural Concrete" "Code" provides minimum requirements for the materials, design, and detailing of structural concrete buildings and, where applicable, nonbuilding structures. This Code was developed by an ANSI-approved consensus process and addresses structural systems, members, and connections, including cast-in-place, precast, shotcrete, plain, nonprestressed, prestressed, and composite construction.

Among the subjects covered are: design and construction for strength, serviceability, and durability; load combinations, load factors, and strength reduction factors; structural analysis methods; deflection limits; mechanical and adhesive anchoring to concrete; development and splicing of reinforcement; construction document information; field inspection and testing; and methods to evaluate the strength of existing structures.

The Code was substantially reorganized and reformatted in , and this Code continues and expands that same organizational philosophy.

The principal objectives of the reorganization were to present all design and detailing requirements for structural systems or for individual members in chapters devoted to those individual subjects, and to arrange the chapters in a manner that generally follows the process and chronology of design and construction.

Information and procedures that are common to the design of multiple members are located in utility chapters. Additional enhancements implemented in this Code to provide greater clarity and ease of use include the first use of color illustrations and the use of color to help the user navigate the Code and quickly find the information they need.

Special thanks to Bentley Systems, Incorporated, for use of their ProConcrete software to produce many of the figures found in the Commentary. Uses of the Code include adoption by reference in a general building code, and earlier editions have been widely used in this manner.

The Code is written in a format that allows such reference without change to its language. Therefore, background details or suggestions for carrying out the requirements or intent of the Code provisions cannot be included within the Code itself. The Commentary is provided for this purpose. Some considerations of the committee in developing the Code are discussed in the Commentary, with emphasis given to the explanation of new or revised provisions.

Much of the research data referenced in preparing the Code is cited for the user desiring to study individual questions in greater detail. Other documents that provide suggestions for carrying out the requirements of the Code are also cited.


ACI 318M-19 – Building Code Requirements for Structural Concrete and Commentary (SI Units)

Any applicable errata aci included with individual documents at the time of purchase. Choose Product Qci English. Errata are not included for collections or sets of documents such as the ACI Collection. If your order is damaged, defective, or incorrect, we acccept its return aci question within 30 days of purchase. The commentary presents and explanation aci new or revised provisions that may be unfamiliar to code users. The full aci complete returned product will be accepted if returned within 60 days of receipt and in salable condition.


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