This is a short, thorough study guide for the American Board of Surgery In-Training Examination ABSITEwhich residents in general surgery must take each ths and residents going into surgical subspecialties must take during the year of their general surgery training. No trivia or quizzes yet. Fiser Any Condition Any Condition. Format s Book [PB-Paperback]. Revised Edition Professional Paperback Textbooks.

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The results are released only to program directors. It is not available to individuals and is not required as part of the board certification process.

The exam is given in one 5-hour block; examinees may return to past questions during the exam. See also sample test below. Accommodations for learning disabilities for in-training exams are at the discretion of the program and do not require ABS approval.

Next Exam: Jan. The SCORE Curriculum Outline is a list of patient care and medical knowledge topics to be covered in a five-year general surgery residency. It is updated annually and is available as a PDF or Excel spreadsheet. It is also made available to osteopathic and international programs upon request. The exam may not be purchased individually. If you are no longer affiliated with a residency program and wish to take the ABSITE, you must find a program whose director is willing to allow you to take the exam along with the residents of that program.

This program will be responsible for payment to the ABS for your participation; the ABS does not accept payment from individuals.

The ABS provides program directors with various reports, including an individual score report for each examinee. Examinees are strongly encouraged to keep copies of their score report for their records, as the ABS does not retain this information. The ABS will not provide examinees with a score report or "transcript. Discretion should be used in the interpretation and use of its scores. Upon receiving the score report, residents with questions should contact their program director, who can help with the interpretation of the results.

The ABS will not discuss exam results with examinees. The following will apply when the ABS, at its sole discretion, identifies exam irregularities or other security violations: The ABS will notify the program director of the individuals involved and request that he or she investigate the circumstances. Exam scores will be considered invalid for all individuals involved in the irregularities and will not be reported to the program.

The program will be required to administer the ABSITE to all of their residents on the first day of the exam window for the next three years. To access the sample test, you must use either Internet Explorer or Apple Safari. Do not use Firefox. The sample test has ten questions and a sample survey. The number of questions remaining will be indicated on the screen.

The ABS will not review, score or use any information you provide on either the sample test or survey. Note: On the day of the exam, examinees will access the ABSITE by launching the secure browser previously downloaded onto the testing computers. Option I - Interactive Sample Test This interactive online tutorial gives examinees the opportunity to learn how to navigate through the testing format. Option II - Printed Guide If you prefer, you can learn about what to expect when taking the exam by reviewing this printed guide pdf.

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