A Hathaway Wedding The Hathaways, 2. Even though this was only about 28 pages.. I loved it. I was saving it for when I really needed some Hathaway love. Kev and Win have a serious place I my heart.. So does Beatrix!

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All rights reserved. For information address St. But he was determined to have Win as his wife, no matter what obstacles had to be overcome. She looked angelic, her slender body wrapped in white lace and ruffled silk, her light blonde hair cascading in loose shimmering waves. He adored her with an intensity that approached worship.

His woman. Something about her had always cut past his defenses and reached his very soul. Reaching around his neck, Win let her fingers play gently in the cropped hair at his nape.

Her body pressed all along his, the feminine curves molding sweetly against him. He let his lips play in the glinting wisps of hair at her temple. If anyone could make it well, it would be Beatrix. Kev felt compelled to make his case. Thursday brings crosses, and Friday losses, but Saturday no luck at all. Sending him a provocative glance, she untied the sash of her dressing gown and began on the row of tiny buttons along the front.

He went instantly hard as he caught a glimpse of her breast. But you were so stubborn. As Win saw his reaction to the display, a glint of satisfaction appeared in her eyes before she could conceal it.

Kev was well aware that Win managed him adeptly in her own soft, sweet way. Being a Romany male, he probably should have resented that. But he was too enchanted by her shy seduction to object.

He moved toward her, reaching out to ease the lace and silk from her shoulders. No man has ever been so eager for his wedding day. A sound of amusement rustled in his chest. Do you think I have something out of the ordinary planned for you? He held her gaze, smiling slightly as he saw the color rise in her cheeks. Kev shook his head. Her flush deepened, and she gave a disconcerted laugh. The silence between them was warm and provocative, their breaths mingling, her naked body clasped carefully against his clothed one.

Perhaps I should have mentioned earlier. He nodded. Leaning back against the edge of the mattress, she watched in fascination as Kev stripped off his shirt.

Her gaze traveled over his muscled torso, the gleam of his smooth, hairless chest. Her breath quickened in excitement as he came to her. Clenching one hand into the spill of her long hair, Kev carefully eased her head back to expose her throat. And he dragged his mouth along her neck, using his tongue, while his other hand went between her thighs.

He caressed her, played with her, until he could slip two fingers easily inside. His mouth covered hers, his tongue sinking deep, and she shivered in arousal at the simultaneous penetrations. I knew it the first time I saw you. I want you always. As he lay beside her, he smoothed his palm along her front, fingertips sensitive to every quiver of her nerves. Bending over her breasts, he caught a rosy tip and drew his tongue against the tautness, while his hands moved over her in light erotic paths.

She arched upward helplessly as his mouth traversed her body, the soft secret places where sensation converged. He filled her powerfully, following the pulse and heat of her, riding every sweet undulation.

And he reached the summit with her, glorying in their shared pleasure. Those talons are like knives. They were crouched on the floor over the straining form of a tawny owl.

Beatrix had found the wounded bird during one of her daily rambles through the wood. Beatrix had wrapped the tubby little owl in a blanket. The spoon was immediately accepted and held. Amelia could have sworn the owl actually looked relieved. Setting aside her worry for the moment, Amelia took a nearby chair and watched her husband.

Three years earlier Amelia had stunned the family—and herself--by marrying Cam Rohan, a Rom from London, after knowing him only a matter of weeks.

Handsome, exotic, sensual, he was not the kind of man one might have expected Amelia to wed. In fact, Amelia had never expected to wed at all. After the deaths of her parents she had reconciled herself to taking care of her four siblings; Leo, Win, Poppy and Beatrix. But then Cam had entered her life, understanding her secret dreams and needs with unnerving acuity. He had seduced her, mind, body and soul. And he had stayed, explaining that every once in a while, some Gypsy found his atchen-tan, his stopping-place.

To Cam, love and family meant far more than his A Hathaway Wedding 8 freedom. As Cam tended the owl, carefully folding a splint around the wing, a breeze came through the windows and toyed with the locks of shining black hair on his forehead.

Amelia gazed at him possessively, appreciating the way his thin linen shirt clung to the powerful lines of his back. He was a ridiculously beautiful man, with his amber eyes and flashing smile.

Owls usually draw their moisture from their prey. She was a striking girl of nineteen, not classically beautiful as Win and Poppy were, but she possessed a sweet, coltish grace and a winsome appeal that charmed everyone who met her. Most irresistible of all, she had a smile that flashed out of nowhere, textured with sly irreverence. Beatrix was radiant, open, and as curious as her pet ferret Dodger. What kind of man would ever be right for Beatrix? A young one, perhaps. Someone who would not crush her exuberant nature.

But might Beatrix be better off with someone older? Someone who would curb her impulsiveness and protect her? Ironically, during the two seasons that Beatrix and Poppy had spent in London, Beatrix had been infinitely more sought-after.

Whereas poor Poppy, who wanted desperately to have her own family, had had very little success so far. I merely ask questions to keep them talking, and they seem pleased with that.

She wants to get married much more than I do. The owl looked expectantly from Beatrix to Amelia, its round face mildly concerned. Amelia grimaced. A groan escaped through her fingers. He spoke in a soothing tone not unlike the one he had used for the tawny owl.

No ordinary man will do for Beatrix. But she needs someone, Cam. Someone just for her. She spends far too much time rambling alone in the wood. She was so young—I think losing them both so quickly affected her more than the rest of us. Let your sister follow her own path. A soft laugh escaped him. He stood and pulled her up from the settee, and kept her hand in his. The owl was light, fragile, and yet filled with tensile strength.

How silly and senseless all these rules are. Manners, corsets, gossip, asparagus forks. I like Hampshire. It was a chall barn, built into a slope so that both the first and ground floors were accessible without the need for steps. Down below, there was central threshing floor, a row of cattle shippons, and built-in sheds for carts and implements. A Hathaway Wedding 13 Beatrix went to a corner of the hayloft, and settled the owl into a nest box. Sitting by the nest box, Beatrix watched the owl preen herself.

I want. She wanted to be loved. Picking up a stalk of hay, she nibbled thoughtfully at the tip, tasting its dry sweetness. He lived with his parents in the village and came to work at Ramsay house every day after attending school.


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A Hathaway Wedding The Hathaways 2. But he was determined to have Win as his wife, no matter what obstacles had to be overcome. She looked angelic, her slender body wrapped in white lace and ruffled silk, her light blonde hair cascading in loose shimmering waves. He adored her with an intensity that approached worship.


A Hathaway Wedding (The Hathaways #2.5)


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