Malagal Although the 6S-series tubes are often metal-cased, there was never a metal-envelope 6SN7 there being no pin available to connect the metal shield ; there were, however, a few glass-envelope tubes with a metal band, such as the 6SN7A developed during World War II — slightly improved in some respects but the metal band was prone to splitting. Collection of Bruno Candreia CH. The 6SN7 is basically two 6J5 triodes in one envelope. Collection of Karlheinz Fischer D. Greg Latta at glatta frostburg. You will find thousands of tubes or valves with interesting links.

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Please call us for the latest inventory, and we can often outsource these tubes for you. More in stock! New Old Stock White Box. Great blackplate Sylvania and Westinghouse GTB tubes screened for demanding use in electronic organs. All have passed the Baldwin factory test for audio use! This is the famous black plate ss version 6SN7 and is in great demand today. Medium glass envelope, marked with the Sylvania green label, the Baldwin label, or the Westinghouse label, but all came from Baldwin.

Organ tubes are especially fine sounding in audio equipment, and we have carefully matched these into pairs and also have singles available.

Of particular interest was the Baldwin Organ 6SN7 which to my ears in both a B and 45 SE was as clean as others costing many times more. Regards, D. Click on screen at left. New Old Stock, white box. This is a very good, very rare dual triode. Among the best ever made of the 6SN7 dual triode type tubes. This has the Mullard label on the short coke bottle glass, and the brown micanol base.

Nothing comes close in quality of sound of these tubes. They are very rare worldwide. We have one single only. Rugged 5 support posts, 10, hr. The JAN military version has passed mil specs and is literally the best of the best.

Very rare. This is the real thing with the heavy red base that absorbs vibration like a tube damper and black plates, getting harder to find every day. These are immaculate tubes. These pairs are matched to within percent.

Some say this is the best 6SN7 type ever made. New Old Stock, original box and white box. More stock just in! These are military tubes, with beautiful brown marbeled low loss heatproof bases.

The heavy base actually absorbs vibration just like a tube damper would, making these ultra low noise and low microphonic tubes. Nicely matched pairs of these rare tubes, one of the better investments you can make in a pair of vintage 6SN7 type tubes!

Get a real at a savings over the redbase types! New Old Stock white box and original box. Virtually all made by RCA, is nearly identical to the redbase version above, most with 5 support posts. New Old Stock white Box. Telefunken did not manufacture many of these, and they appear to have been made for export, as they have 6SN7GTA on the label. Hear the ECC33 quality audiophiles are talking about! Priced per single tube.

New Old Stock White Box, aged. Worldwide stocks of the military version have virtually vanished from the market. Heavy duty metal bases, T-shape plates with the holes in the sides, and spring steel plate supports like Tung Sol oval plate construction! These tubes have incredible air, image, "rosin-on-the-bow" realism, and powerful yet accurate bass.

Very hot testing tubes with great gain, yet incredibly quiet. Some clients say these are the best 6SN7 tubes they have ever heard. I have a few RARE matched pairs of these, carefully selected and matched to within percent. Better grab them now, before these Russian beauties become rarer than Faberge eggs! These are incredible stock from the s, some military stock, some with OEM labels, some with Tung Sol only on the label. Sweet, detailed, musical, 3-dimensional sound, and very quiet, this RARE s tube ranks with or above very few others as the greatest 6SN7 ever made.

Blackglass, black round plates with the oval or round mica spacers, spring side mica supports, some with the old style Tung Sol logo in silver or white on black bases, excellent mint-condition NOS tubes. Get them now, I may never again find more pairs of these! See these tubes in the video above. A quiet one! Great dynamics and midrange as many have described. Well worth the money.

Thanks again. New old stock, white Box. Late s, extremely RARE tubes. This tube is very difficult to find but extremely musical and worth the search! Perfect condition blackglass, various OEM labels. Sweet and detailed, hear for yourself why this rare tube is considered one of the best. Same tubes as listed in the matched pairs above, except that these are single tubes, priced per single tube.

Save big on real Tung Sol made round plates because these have other brand labels, no label, repaired center studs or hairline cracks in the base. This in no way affects the sound or service life of the tube. Blackglass, black round plates, internal plate and oval mica supports, black bases, excellent sounding tubes FULLY covered by our guarantee.

New Old Stock white box. This is the the very rare s Sylvania first production of the 6SN7 tube, with the nickel collar base. Black triangular plates facing each other, original type tall boy envelope, heavy chrome dome getter flashing. Marked with the very early 1st generation "6SN7A" label. Said to be the Sylvania answer to the Tung Sol oval plate, and they sound incredible.

Extremely rare. These have damaged nickel collars, some are split, some coming off the tube, but this does not affect the sound or operation of the tube at all.

However, because of this we are selling them at a lower price. A great chance to try this super tube at half the price! Pricd per single tube. Very fine sounding, very rare blackplates from the s. These beauties were made for radar equipment, and should function for a very long time. Matched to within three percent Gm and closer on a Hickok TV This is the rare early s version of the military 6SN7 that predates the brownbase series, this version just slightly later than the nickel base version.

A few are military surplus with rebranded labels. Save big over the nickel base version! Many thanks, B. These are early brownbase types, with either the dark brown or marbled brown micanol bases, all Sylvania made, some with blank labels. Nicely matched pairs! Scarce tubes, hard to keep in stock due to their popularity with audiophiles. Compare the price to the early brownbase version, these are perfect if you want the Sylvania sound but cannot afford the higher cost of the early types.

Scarce tubes, hard to keep in stock. Large, flat ribbed black plates. Excellent , clean NOS tubes! A military tube that rivals the more costly VT military type, and you pocket the savings!

A few are made for other brands but are Raytheon made. These are the early s versions, with tall bottles, black tri-plates at angles, and Tung Sol date codes. One pair is labeled and boxed for DuMont but is the same military Tung Sol tube. Very fine sounding, very rare blackplates from the s, made for US military. These have the more desirable "staggered" plates with the 8 holes in the top mica, not the newer parallel plates.

Full octal blackbase with silver lettering, some clearglass, some with deep black internal coating on the glass. These rival the RCA redbase in quality, and are just as scarce. Some have GE labels. Both white and green labels, the construction of these are identical to the "Bad Boy" type. VERY difficult to find these in pairs!

These are the very desirable VT type with the grey glass, and all are military stock, originally parts for radar equipment.


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Please call us for the latest inventory, and we can often outsource these tubes for you. More in stock! New Old Stock White Box. Great blackplate Sylvania and Westinghouse GTB tubes screened for demanding use in electronic organs. All have passed the Baldwin factory test for audio use! This is the famous black plate ss version 6SN7 and is in great demand today.


6N8S 6SN7GT 6H8C Russian 6SN7

Kazirg Schematic Diagram and Circuit Description. Collection of Jochen Amend D. After the war, huge numbers were available surplus and were used in early computers, televisions, and audio equipment. The SAGE computer systems used hundreds of s as flip-flops. It provided a medium gain Collection of Georges Werts B. As screen sizes became larger, voltage and power headroom became insufficient.





Tung-Sol 6SN7GTB


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