Vulrajas Well if its possible could you send me the link at one point? First of all, excuse my poor English, not my native language. About this product Synopsis Beneath the halld of Waterdeep, a sinister dungeon awaits adventurers brave enough to face its perils. Amazon Music Stream millions of songs. A great purchase, I am already working it into my existing homebrew campaign!

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Average Rating 5 ratings Beneath the streets of Waterdeep, a sinister dungeon awaits adventurers brave enough to face its perils. Created ages ago by the wizard Halaster, the sprawling dungeon is a lair for terrible monsters and ruthless villains. In the dark chambers, they hunger for victims and plot the downfall of those who dwell on the streets above. Halls of Undermountain is a page book that presents a ready-to use dungeon detailing over eighty locations.

In addition, this book provides all the ingredients to run a classic dungeon delve, including enticing treasures, deadly traps, a wide assortment of monsters, and two full-color maps.

It was released in April The Final 4e Adventure Sort of. In September , Wizards began to open this up a little, starting with Revenge of the Giants — the first of a few nostalgic return to adventures of old. It was very unusual for the fact that it returned to the Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting from four years previous. Since the 4e settings were supposed to be done and gone within a year, this was a notable reversal.

Though Halls of Undermountain was the last professionally distributed adventure for 4e, it was followed by three free releases. Boxed In. Halls of Undermountain was supposed to be a boxed release like its immediate predecessor, Madness at Gardmore Abbey ,. The original plan was to include a page "Dungeon Components" book, a page "Adventure" book, a variety of tokens and dungeon dressings, a half-dozen original miniatures, some cards, and a pair of double-sided maps.

Then the cost cutting began. First some of the original miniatures were replaced with "pick-ups" from old sets, then all of them were. Then the number of painting steps on the miniatures had to be reduced. Then the miniatures were cut entirely. Then the token sheets were reduced from three to two. Then the box and the rest of the token sheets were cut entirely.

In the end, the two booklets were combined into one page hardcover book and the maps were glued into the back. The Third Undermountain Halls of Undermountain was the third major look at the Undermountain dungeon. It overviewed the whole dungeon, then detailed some very specific places.

In its third roleplaying incarnation as Halls of Undermountain , the 4e designers took a different tack. Halls was actually the second appearance of Undermountain during the 4e era.

Other Media. If you want to count other media, Undermountain has also appeared in two other form — as the heart of the computer game Descent to Undermountain and in the novel Escape from Undermountain About the Product Tie-In s.

Halls of Undermountain is entirely reliant upon the Monster Vault supplement for Essentials: the adventure contains no monster stats, except for its new beasties. This may have been because 4e was in its waning days, with the death of the line announced three months previous. It includes suggestions on how to get "Elemental" players started, as well as a few modifications that can tie the Halls adventures into the "Elemental" plot. Adventuring Tropes. Halls of Undermountain broke the mold for 4e adventure.

A few Dungeon adventures rode on their coattails, but got out the door first. The formatting of Halls of Undermountain is very old school, detailing rooms one-by-one, even including read-aloud text for the players. However the standard room descriptions also include sections about "Roleplay" and "Plot". These sections combine the three dungeon delves into the story of an adventuring company gone missing. Expanding the Realms.

The biggest expansion that occurs in Halls of Undermountain is its explanation of how the Spellplague affected the dungeon. Beyond tha,t it provides extensive detail on the Yawning Portal one of the most famous entries to the dungeon as well as level 1 of the dungeon.

In all, about 80 areas in the dungeon are detailed, including the rooms used for the three adventures and some of the more "infamous areas". About the Creators. Sernett has been a writer and game designer for Wizards of the Coast since , though much of his time has been focused on board and card games, including Magic: The Gathering. Please feel free to mail corrections, comments, and additions to shannon.

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One of the first roleplaying games I have played was that Vampire game all them trendy kids used to play. Billy Candelaria marked it as to-read Jan 05, Thanks for telling us about the problem. Within these descriptions are 3 separate adventures for character levelsnew monsters, new traps, and new magic items. Joshua Owens unermountain it as to-read Apr 19, The authors also offer a meta-adventure which links the three adventure together, although they can be run separately as stand-alone pieces. Customers who viewed this item also viewed. Follow the Author I though 4e had evolved beyond that, it is really a shame.



The Terminus Level Also known as the Deep Mines, this level was a mix of dwarf-built chambers, depleted mithral mines, and vast natural caverns. The Terminus Level connected with the heart of Undermountain through the Shaft. Of course, Halaster himself spread many of these rumors, in hopes of inducing more adventurers to die foolish deaths in his trap-filled Underhalls. What was not typical of these sewer tunnels however, were the links to the famed Halls of Undermountain which ensured a constant supply of creatures to inhabit them and an even more constant supply of adventurers to combat them. Many adventurers also used the sewers as an access point, bypassing the more notable entrances to the dungeon complex below.

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